“Have You Ever Wanted To Write VLOOKUP/INDEX & MATCH Formulas For Your Reports, But Your Lack Of Understanding Of The Syntax, And #N/A errors, Has Always Prevented You From Getting Started?”

Free! Guide Reveals In 3 Simple Lessons, The Fundamentals To Understand, Set Up And Troubleshoot Lookup Formulas

I am John Franco, Excel author, and I often found myself saying: I wish I knew why the lookup formulas are not catching the values so I get perfect matches. Now I can, and will show you how.

Included in this practical Excel guide are lookup concepts many Excel users never get it… such as…

  • How to understand and remember VLOOKUP and INDEX and MATCH syntax and how to write them like a pro. Develop an intuitive way to look at the lookup arguments that just sticks, even if you don’t use these formulas often.
  • How to prepare the data before using VLOOKUP and INDEX and MATCH so you trust the results you get and can send crucial reports with total confidence to your boss
  • How to systematically setup the VLOOKUP and INDEX and MATCH formulas so you trust the results you get, even if you get the infamous #N/As (sometimes they are right).
  • And much more…

“You bring to light useful functions/methods/approaches otherwise unknown to a significant portion of Excel users.”

Anonymous | Excel subscriber during a survey

“I just can’t stop learning from you. Please stay “tuned” in championing intuitive Excel…”

Phil Egan | Excel subscriber and student

“The clarity of explanations enabled me to quickly and easily understand the structure of a lookup and how to use them effectively.”

Jeff Jones | Raleigh-Durham, North Carolina | Excel Expert, Access Expert, Excel/SharePoint, VBA (Macros), SQL Server, MySQL. 30 + Years Experience – One of the most experienced team member at excelandaccess.com

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