Thriving on your terms

If you ask who is this site for, I would say: is for professionals turned-entrepreneurs, professionals turned-expertswanna-be entrepreneurs and wanna-be experts, just like me, who know they have something valuable to offer to the world, know they can make a fortune (or just a nice living) with it and need the guidance, the skills and the tools to succeed.

Awakening to new life possibilities

If you are a professional worker turned-entrepreneur (or wanna-be entrepreneur), then you arrived where you are now through some sort of process I went through…

You followed to a tee everything your parents and society said you to do: getting a degree, getting a job from an established and stable company, buying a nice car, buying a house, paying the bills, preparing for retirement, etc. But when you conquered all these things, or when you were closer to them, you started thinking: that’s it, really? There should be something else in life for me.

You ended meaningless and quite disappointed for having been misled by your unsolicited-advisers.

And you started realizing many other things like…

The fact that you were smarter and courageous than your boss and many of your coworkers, that there should be other ways to make money and live and so on.

You also recognized that people in your company and professional circle were taken, unconscious. They were all following the sacred truth about paying the bills and that sort of things. You didn’t find anyone to talk about what life meant to you now. You felt awaken but alone! It’s like you discovered a parallel reality that others cannot perceive.

You just needed to figure out how to experience the lifestyle you now envision. But was scary because all your life depends on what you have built so far.

And as you moved ahead, you realized that life is not about you but about others and that you can solve real world problems using your skills and passion. But then you get discouraged by your inner circle…don’t be too idealistic, you need a job, you need to be grounded and stop dreaming. But you knew deeper in your heart that those talents you have can make a difference. At the time, you knew you needed to work on your talents but you knew the seed was there. And maybe you wanted to do it without any compensation, like a sort of superhero.

The path to the life on your  terms

Then you heard about entrepreneurship and how you can make a difference in the life of others solving their problems. You started connecting with the stories of real entrepreneurs and wealthy people. You learned that you can live doing what you love!

Your quest to a new life started some time ago but at that time, the search intensified…

The path is different for each person, maybe you heard about a new entrepreneur having the kind of life you want, maybe you heard the big term “meaning” and got hook immediately. I heard the term entrepreneurship and internet quite at the same time. I had heard those terms before but this time, they had a special meaning. I knew my life depended on that.

Whatever your path, your quest had started.

You surely read Tony Robbins books, Og Mandino classics and so on.

Then you move higher in the ladder of consciousness and found Deepak Chopra, Osho, etc. Maybe you started these readings far way back and now you connect the dots.

At some point of your journey you decided to quit your job and start your new life. If that’s your case, you maybe are thriving in business or maybe you are about to launch your business, maybe you launched your business and failed and are starting again.

Whatever your current situation is, you know that you need to improve dramatically to improve your level of service and so your results. You know you need to do what you are here to do.

Live Fully and Meaningfully Doing What You Are Here To Do