Startling Fact: 99% of time-saving Excel macros are never fully operational

“Are You Willing To Follow A Proven Excel VBA Writing System That Provides Turn-By-Turn Directions On Your Macro Writing Journey, So You Finally Come With The Exact Operational Macro You Dreamed, Hit RUN, And Break Yourself Free From The Chains Of Repetitive And Boring Work?”

Many Busy Data Analysts, Managers And Consultants Now Leverage Their VBA Knowledge To Write Complete Time-saving Macros Who Never Thought They Could (and are much ahead of deadlines)

John Franco, Excel author
Wednesday 5:17 PM

Dear professional,

If you are desperate and almost in tears by the lack of time and space due to a growing pile of soul-crushing work and have not yet created the macros that will save your life, then this might be the most important message you will ever read…

You HAVE to check this letter out if you’re a busy professional… of any kind… and you struggle with at least one of the things below…

  • You are a beginner in Excel VBA and find difficult to write macros
  • You understand Excel VBA but don’t know how to put everything together into a fully operational macro
  • You need to restart every time you try to continue developing your existing macros because you don’t remember what you were doing in the first place, neither what the macro was intended for. And because macros are not written in a sitting, you end up with macros that are started, re-started but never finished
  • You have no time to actually sit and write your macros
  • You can’t find the complete VBA code of your macro
  • You are in fear to continue a macro that keeps growing in complexity and length
  • You are willing to abandon that promising macro just a step away from the finish line
  • You can’t come with ideas of problems that can be solved with a macro
  • You know the VBA code of your Excel macros can be significantly improved but you don’t know how
  • You don’t know how to make your macros work dynamically for different spreadsheet sizes and scenarios and you are never willing to start a macro that will be used only once
  • It takes you a long time to find the Exact macro you need or one that you feel you can change slightly to meet your goals
  • You don’t venture writing complex macros because you fear the macro might turn into a monster you should run away from
  • You have a bunch of code that never works and you gave up debugging because you don’t find the source of error
  • You cannot improve the macros from others
  • 99% of the macros you start writing are never operational

Many people have not written all the macros they dream because they wrongly think knowing Excel VBA is powerful. The fact is that “running Excel macros” is powerful.

In other words, your VBA knowledge is unrealized potential.

Only those who write complete macros and run them, reap the rewards of this amazing technology.

And many others write macros but make them unnecessarily complicated. And complicated macros are hardly reused or never finished.

Writing operational Excel macros is a rare skill few possess because is more of an art…

What Excel macros and literature have in common

You know that knowing the meaning of the words in a dictionary doesn’t empower you to write a novel.

To tell a story from start to finish, you need some strategies.

Every writer has her own approach to getting the novel done. Every writer has a system. For example, some writers define first the title of the novel, others begin with the end scene, others define the characters before they start writing about them, they don’t check the grammar while writing, they find synonyms later, they hire a fact-checker, and so forth.

Without a writing system, novels rarely get done because left to its own devices, chaos gains over order.

The same with writing Excel macros…

…without a VBA writing system, macros are never completed because coding involves organizing all your ideas into a sequence but you know the world is not a sequence.

To get order out of chaos, you need an organizing system.

For example, to write a macro, you might start defining the fundamentals first, the outputs and the inputs. You might have a strategy to deal with hard-to-code instructions, for example, you can skip it and retake it later, you can write an alternative instruction while you find the full code of it, etc. You debug one line at a time instead of the whole application at once, etc.

Well, you get the point. Every successful macro writer has also a strategy.

If you haven’t developed a macro writing method yet, you are lucky today because I am going to reveal my Excel Macro writing system that has helped me create hundreds of operational macros for the most diverse projects such as data cleaning and preparation, dashboard creation, Mathematical simulations, invoice generation, simplifying user input…

…about anything that matters!

If you follow my Excel macro writing system, you will soon be able to come with more macros than you will ever need.

You will turn macro ideas into operational macros that save your time and your life!

Writing macros is a skill. So, it’s learnable.

WARNING: There are no Excel gurus out there willing to reveal their secret Excel macro writing strategy, So, keep reading…

Why trying to write Excel macros without a formula is too dumb to fail

The same way a novel is never written in one sitting (unless is a piece of shit), crucial operational macros are never written in one session.

Without a solid and progressive structure to found, build and evolve your macro, you are at odds because there are way too many factors…

…for example: how the user will enter the inputs (through a form, in cells, etc), what inputs are needed (and in what format), what happens if the inputs are not provided (plain crash or intelligent error management), what’s the first line of code of your macro…

…and that’s just for starters…

…you also need to handle motivational factors, lack of ideas, too many ideas, energy management, time management, macro versions management, increasing macro complexity, etc.

If you start without a blueprint, sooner or later you simply gave up developing your macro or end up adding unnecessary factors that make your macro almost impossible to finish or debug.

If you don’t know how to handle the moments of doubt, you will end up hesitating about the viability of your project and abandon it.

If you don’t know how to handle complexity, your macros will become more and more complex and your confidence and motivation to complete the project will be severely diminished.

If you don’t know how to handle all the possibilities that will come to your fruitful mind, you will be paralyzed and decide nothing.

Without an organized effort, you cannot turn VBA chaos into order, into an operational macro.

You nee to be strategical to actually sit and write VBA code that delivers the outputs you want. You need a method to go through the creative blocks or avoid blockages at all. Without a roadmap, you end up in random development because typing Excel VBA code won’t get your macro done. Activity is not the same as results.

There are various macro writing formulas and every Excel Guru has its own.

The art and science of putting VBA, Excel, the user, and everything else together into macros that work

Macro amateurs never make progress because they keep re-starting their macros every time.

Ideas won’t come in one sitting but if you have a system in place, you will be able to properly receive and put your ideas where they belong in the macro structure.

You can win the macro writing game despite the overwhelming odds.

After needing to write macros to streamline an overwhelming workflow in Civil Engineering projects with even hundreds of workbooks, millions of rows and changes every second, I became systematic at developing my time-saving, I must say, life-saving macros.

I turned macro writing into an exact science.

I have perfected the art and science of writing macros, and today, you can get it and use it to get liberated from the chains of time-sucking and energy-sucking projects.

If you are the kind of person who wants to have a proven system, then listen closely…

…because I have taken proven Excel VBA concepts and macro structures and made it extremely easy to understand and to implement.

This macro writing system I am going to reveal to you is a repeatable process!


Simple Macro Writing System (SMWS)

The art and science of developing operational Excel macros

This is a complete system covering all aspects of writing a macro such as naming your macro, version control, finding the full syntax of your macros, debugging, distributing your macros for maximum use and impact, etc. My SMWS home study program is a complete step by step system that will make your macros almost magically write themselves, to get the job done and be much ahead of deadlines.

“I find it very informative and easy to understand…”

Hi John,

I really enjoy your SMWS course. I find it very informative and easy to understand although I sometimes struggle to understand your accent. I have purchased some of your previous products and really enjoyed them as well.

Looking forward to more!!

I am currently in area (somewhere in West Africa) with very limited internet so progress is a bit slow.


JT Potgieter | Flight Paramedic

“I like your formalized structure for macro writing…”

I like your formalized structure for macro writing. I have done some of my own macros but it has always been more seat of the pants development.

Jeff B. | Student

“You have developed fabulous Excel VBA training…”

You have developed fabulous Excel VBA training. Thank you very much for creating this content so people can learn from your sage wisdom.

Ann Thompson | Student

From one of my Master of Macros student…

“…It’s really helpful and easy to understand…”

Dear John, …I want you to know how blessed I am meeting someone like you with this craft of yours…!

It’s really helpful and easy to understand. Nothing more to say, Ill keep this for life and share with my colleagues…Wish you the best of everything through the years to come. Muchas Gracias.

Garry Pasan | Student

Get turn-by-turn directions along your macro development journey!

Here’s what this Simple Macro Writing System will do for you…

  • Get started before you are ready using proven macro templates and psychology that will help you make progress despite the doubts, lack of knowledge, lack of time, lack of confidence, etc. You can use these macro templates to name your macros, to lay out your macros, etc. Turn chaos into order and stagnation into movement. See progress in the macro development work right from the start
  • Discover how to think like a developer and find code alternatives to choose from. This practical developer mindset is part of the DNA of the SMWS program and will get you more macros written that you will ever need.
  • Discover the 5 basic building blocks of every operational macro that you need to put together if you want to ensure the best use of your valuable time (blueprint provided). This is a blueprint you can follow to create operational Excel macros in minimum time. This structure will also help you make your macros more manageable (never again abandon a project due to the fear of complexity and viability). Create structured macros that are scalable, reusable and easy to integrate into other projects and workbooks
  • Develop the confidence to accomplish bigger tasks that will make your boss consider you for a promotion, get a better job or start your own lucrative Excel VBA consulting firm or freelance career
  • Also, discover how to design a macro blueprint that you and your clients will immediately understand. No more wasted time trying to remember how your macros work or trying to explain to others how your macros work. Don’t be lost in the dark in the middle of VBA code of in-progress Excel macros
  • How to structure a macro in a way that you can keep evolving it, easily control the versions, etc. You never have time to write a full macro in one sitting, so with this macro blueprint, you can retake your projects where you left them because you have a consistent structure that guides you and you always know that the macro was originally intended for.
  • Learn how to break down big projects into manageable pieces so they are easier to develop and maintain (simple macro structure templates provided). If you have old Excel macros you have spent lot of time coding but never became operational, you can bring them back to live by adding some structure to it
  • Learn how to make your macros dynamic so you code only once for permanent use by you and others even if your macros face different spreadsheet sizes and situations
  • Leverage your Excel VBA code across ALL your macros (not just one) because you develop a solid structure that is shared by all your macros and projects. Develop a library of macros you can use to automate the operation of your business and organization or to start a consulting VBA firm
  • How to avoid a macro monster that you will abandon using a simple debugging tip
  • How to make your macros accessible to you and others. Learn how to anchor your macros to Excel buttons, shortcuts, ribbon, etc. right on the boss’s and customers’ desktops
  • Improve recorded macros. Use the macro blueprints and templates to remove unnecessary code and add structure to your recorded macros
  • Learn how to rewrite your macros for simplicity and change
  • Adapt others’ macros to your style
  • And much more

The 7 Simplified Steps in the “Simple Macro Writing System” Can Be Completed by Tomorrow So You Can Transform Your Business And Career Now!

…if you follow my proven Excel VBA system, very soon you will be laughing at the assignments you used to cry about…because when you learn how Excel VBA development works, you will be creating your own macros for everything and start saving time on everything too.

I mean everything…

You can systematize Data collection. Create your own macros for importing data, cleaning messy datasets, moving and merging data from several sources, etc

You can Systematize Data analysis. Create your own macros for analyzing and understanding your data (write formulas, create Pivot Tables reports, create charts, etc)

You can Systematize Data presentation. Create your own macros for presenting data (edit charts on the fly, dashboard setup, export data using specific formatting, email data, report formatting, etc)

In a nutshell, the SMWS sections (which can be completed in less than 3 hours)…

IMPORTANT: for each macro, the implementation of this system requires only minutes of your time and soon becomes second nature to you. The rest depends on the size of your macro and the amount of code you need to write.

Step 1 – How to name your macro

Find macro naming templates to name your macro in a way so that the name becomes a guiding tool along the development proces

Step 2 – How to create the right macro in the right place

Learn what type of macro you should create and where to put it to get the maximum results.

Step 3 – How to define the macro blueprint

Get a template to never leave any essential out and keep you focused on what matters

Step 4 – How to break down your macro into easy and manageable sections

Learn how to break your macro into sections that almost write themselves

Step 5 – How to turn the macro VBA code writing in a success game

Learn how to code any instruction from scratch. Develop the psychology of a developer and get any macro done.

Step 6 – How to rewrite your macro purposefully and effectively

Learn how to re-write your macro for improving crucial aspects such as error checking, flow, logic, user experience, dynamic code, etc.

Step 7 – How to distribute your macro for maximum use and impact

Learn how to package your macro so users can access the macro from any book and actually run it.

WARNING: Don’t buy if you are looking for a magic shortcut that will write and think for you. This is a system to organize your thought process, you need to take action to actually get your macros done. Don’t buy this system if you don’t know at least the fundamentals of VBA or if you haven’t at least written some macros in the past.

And you also get as a bonus…

Bonus # 1- Macros Influence Tutorial – The secrets of convincing management and everyone in the office to let you write macros

You and I know that one cannot openly devote time to write macros in the office because macros are seen as “other work”. One is invariably forced to meet the next deadline, even if that involves painful repetive work.

It seems nobody cares about your suffering.

If you have had enough of repetitive work and badly need macros, you find a big obstacle in the office because you don’t find the time to actually write the life-saving macros.

You need to learn how to sell your macros!

In this practical and rare macros influence guide, you will learn:

  • What’s the underlying psychology that makes your manager to keep rejecting your macro proposals and how to hack it to your advantage
  • 7 persuasive strategies to convince your boss and everyone in the office to join your macro efforts
  • and much more

Bonus # 2 – Simple Macros Flowchart Tutorial

It will show you proven principles to find the logic of your macros.

Flowcharting can help you find the logic of your entire macro or just the exact code of complex instructions of specific parts of your macro projects. Flowcharting is also crucial to debugging your macros because a flowchart is a map that can help you to get oriented in the jungle of VBA code.

Also, flowcharting can be critical at documenting your macro because it contains the overall structure and logic of your macro projects.

Bonus # 3 – Intelligent VBA Error Trapping Templates

This VBA workbook contains 4 proven error catching routines (as templates) and 4 examples.

Make your macros fool proof by swiping and deploy simplified error-trapping VBA code templates.

Don’t let your reputation be harmed by unexpected crashes in the hands of your users. Swipe and deploy simplified error-trapping VBA code to make your macros fool proof by catching, not ignoring errors that could potentially harm your reputation and spreadsheets.

Bonus # 4 – Dynamic Macro Recording Formula

This practical video lesson reveals the 5 VBA dynamic techniques to easily make your recorded macros work for variable array size and conditions.

If you want to reuse your recorded macros, then this macro recording formula is for you.

Includes a VBA workbook practice file!

Bonus # 5 – Recorded Macro Performance’s Optimization Formula

You know the macro recorder fills your macro with garbage (unnecessary selections, scrolling, sheet shifting, etc.) and they become painfully difficult to edit and adapt to your situation.

And recorded macros are slow and silly.

Learn how to take your recorded macros to an optimal level. This practical video lesson reveals a 3-step VBA optimization formula to clean all the unnecesary VBA code and improve your recorded macros’ performance, readability, and usability.

If you want to synthesize your recorded macros and make them perform at their best, then this macro recording formula is for you.

These bonuses are worth $250+

Grab SMWS and the bonuses now if you are planning to become free from repetition today and in the years to come.

Here’s how it works

  1. You click the orange button below
  2. Fill your payment data in the simple checkout form and click Pay Now. After completing your purchase, you will receive an email with your credentials to the Wizdoh private membership site, where you can watch the videos, read the lessons or download them to your computer
  3. Login to the members area using the provided credentials and enjoy!

It’s simple!

Here’s how to get started!

If you consider you can get a better job or a promotion or even start a lucrative Excel VBA consulting firm when you gain Excel macro writing skills, the price of this course is ridiculous.

Learning how to write Excel macros that work is worth the effort but it can take months, even years to discover how to not be lost in useless VBA code or trying to adapt others’ macros to your specific situation, especially if you rely on Google and YouTube because they give you only bits of information but never the whole picture.

Or you can take advantage of the 10+ years John’s already invested in hard work dealing with writing all sort of macros, researching and synthesizing his findings.

There is absolutely no sane reason why you should want to waste years of your own career attempting to cover this same ground.

It’s up to you.

If you order today, you can unleash the power of Excel macros and be much ahead of deadlines for just…

USD 247.00

Limited time offer: USD 99.00

If you decide to attend a live training, you will spend that much just on the traveling and hotel expenses. And if you have attended Excel seminars, you know many of them suck. You don’t have the chance to retake the lessons, some of the teachers don’t walk their talk (they don’t use Excel in the real world, to solve real problems), you need to get absent from your work or business, you are exposed to silly questions from poorly trained students, etc.

If you are looking to get Excel training focused on price only, you will end up hiring mediocre trainers and enrolling in superficial programs.

This includes private access to the Download Area where you can download your video lessons, practice files, bonuses and updates for 12 months, and email support for 6 months.

Click Here To Master The Art Of Designing and Writing Excel VBA Macros

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with my easy 3-installment payment option)

Delivered instantly in mp4, xlsx, .zip format, via a membership website.



You risk nothing

If within 60 days of purchase, you follow the simplified VBA explanations and cannot design and write your own macros for automating your work, or if you simply didn’t like the material, just ask a refund and you will get your money back, no questions asked.

I have been selling information products online since 2011 to thousands of professionals from around the world.

Just contact us (use the subject “refund”). I will take care of it.

And also…

  • Private member area. Download guides and updates in a private, password-protected area. Enter the area using your own credentials: user and password
  • Direct interaction with the teacher. Ask your questions directly to me, by email or via our contact form, and I will answer your questions personally

Enroll now and start learning how to write your own Excel macros from scratch







Can I attend the course at my own pace or is there a fixed schedule?

Watch the videos whenever and wherever you want. You can sign-in at any moment and from any device and start learning. Pause your learning and retake it later.

Or you can download the videos and pratice files to your computer and study whenever and wherever you please.

To complete the course, how many hours/tutorials should I be viewing per week?

Each tutorial is like 25 min average. To learn the SMWS, you need to watch only 7 lessons. So there are 2+ hours of learning.

Are there exercises for each lesson?

Some lessons have some suggested activities. They are not assignments but ideas and inspiration to explore the concepts.

Do we have access to the program for a lifetime?

Yes, you can download everything to your computer and keep it yours forever. You have 1 year access to the members area to download the material.

Can I access this course from my iPad, iPhone, tablet, etc?

You can watch the lessons on any device. You need a web browser (Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Internet Explorer, etc.) or a video player if you download the videos to your computer. To run the macros or to practice the material, keep in mind that the program is based on the Windows version of Excel.

What Excel version do I need?

Excel 2007+

If I am not getting correct results, can I send my practice to someone for comments/review? Is help only available through email or is it possible to chat or talk to someone?

You have 6 months of email support. You can open a support ticket at anytime during this period. You will get an answer by email in the next 24 hours.

Can I purchase the program for myself and my team?

Yes, you can purchase for multiple users and take advantage of my group discount. Please email me with the number of students and I can provide a discounted price:

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