“Have You Ever Wanted To Record A Macro To Save Time And Get Your Work Done, But The Silly Excel Recorder And Your Lack Of VBA Knowledge, Has Always Prevented You From Getting Started?”

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I am John Franco, Excel author, and I Often Found myself Saying: “I Wish Excel learned what I am doing, so it does the work for me next time”. Now I can record my actions and replay them back effectively, and will show you how.RecordExcelMacrosthatWork_3dcover

Included in this practical Excel VBA 150-page guide are macros and VBA concepts many Excel users never get it… such as…


  • Understand how relative references are used to create dynamic macros that work on different size arrays. Learn also where you should put the cursor before the recording process begin so your macros work on different size arrays
  • How to alter the Excel VBA Macro code that is created when you Record Excel Macros so your macros work on different size sheets and conditions
  • How to integrate any given Macro into your workbooks; run a Macro from buttons, graphs, shortcuts, Ribbons, menus, etc.
  • Consistently get rid of fat code and make Excel Macros more efficient (shorter, faster and smarter). Impress others with your augmented productivity
  • VBA practice file so you see how the concepts work. Enjoy the freedom to tweak the sample code and see what happens
  • And much more…

You bring to light useful functions/methods/approaches otherwise unknown to a significant portion of Excel users.

Anonymous | Excel subscriber during a survey

“Hi John, I downloaded your eBook ‘How to record excel macros that work’ last night and found the information great… your information was much more helpful than anything MS had online – it was great… Thanks again for helping me and everyone else. Kind regards”

Kylie | Excel subscriber and student

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