Pivot Tables Fundamentals

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downloading-from-computing-cloudPivot Tables Fundamentals review sheet

World Population.xlsx (practice file)

World Population hierarchy.xmind (map file*)

*To open/edit this file, download for free the map program at http://www.xmind.net/

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  • James Gibbons

    Thank you, John. You have opened my eyes.

  • John Franco

    Attending the requirement from many of you by email, you can now download some of the practice files used in the video so you practice the concepts. Locate the practice files below the video or above this comments section.

  • Jan D.

    That was a different insight I am thankful for. It does underline the difference between excel and pivot tables. The hist video is indeed an anchor for every user

    • John Franco

      Yes, Jam! In a way, Pivot Tables are not Excel. If you read the full story, the PT technology was incorporated in Excel in 1993, after Pito Salas invented it in 1986, and Lotus (1989) and Quattro Pro (1992) had incorporated it.
      And in a way, the more you are into Excel spreadsheet thinking, the less ready you are to fully understand Pivot Tables because you are biased to think like Excel does.
      So, the point is that understanding this difference helps a lot because you will eliminate all the misinterpretations that drain your energy and impedes your understanding of PTs behavior. If you want to produce results with Pivot tables, it’s important you see PTs the way the are. We should never delude ourselves expecting behaviors that never occur in reality.

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