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Next masterclass: Pivot Tables Fundamentals – How Excel Pivot Tables Truly Work

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What numbers (e.g. top 10 products, sales by week, students performance by subject, etc.) do you want to watch using Pivot Tables? Join the conversation below…

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  • Sue Brems

    This was really helpful. I am new to pivot tables and management requests them all the time. I would love to see more videos to help me become proficient at this. Thanks!


    Very helpful
    Thank you

  • Emad Talafeha

    MY Guru
    The presented material should be considered as a bible or a Roadmap for learning of Pivottable. Before, I dealt with PVT, but that was just trial and error to get what i want.
    But now, I really appreciate putting me on the right track to deal with PVT,
    Please keep sending me your valuable emails to learn more.
    Thanks a lot John
    Emad Talafeha

  • Mukesh

    Very helpful for us
    I like ur this great think.
    I have no word to say u thank u

  • Gautam Shastry

    God bless you John. Will be following your emails and other lessons of Pivot tables. Will ask questions when I complete all your videos for Pivot Tables. Thank you again for sharing the videos .

    • John Franco

      Thanks Gautam!

      I am late replying to you because I have been busy preparing the next lessons and the in-depth “Pivot Tables Domination” course (coming in a few days). Looking forward to your questions

  • Emad Talafeha

    Dear John
    As usual , perfect videos. you have presented the subject in an attractive way.
    just, would you please provide us with the excel files, that used in Videos, to give us a chance to practice.
    Emad Talafeha

    • John Franco

      Thanks Emad!

      Practice files are coming on lesson 3

  • Trevor R Bird

    Video hangs are running 5 seconds – has been doing this for the past 3 days in over 10 attempts to watch it:-(

  • Ray

    Video hangs part way through.
    Left it a very long time but no progress.

  • Ramakrishna S

    Very helpful to analyse the big data

    • John Franco

      Yes Ramakrishna! Pivot Tables are especially useful to deal with big data. E.g. you can analyze the crucial patterns that are in a 100k rows table without bringing Excel to its knees. Analyzing big data can also be done using VLOOKUP, Array Formula, SUMIF, etc., but there is a point when they become painful to write and maintain, and they do bring Excel to its knees.

      The third masterclass will show some Pivot Table analysis blueprints to show some of the most typical metrics and we’ll use a big 50k rows file as an example. Stay tuned!

  • William Dougherty

    John ,
    Right is spelled wrong in your presentation. I know this a small point of information but
    it really turns people off to have such good info and have a mispelling right from the start. Please fix it.

    • John Franco

      Thanks William for letting me know of the error. I fixed it!

  • Ignacio De BustamaIInte

    very interesting

  • Mike

    Pivot tables are a great tool.

  • James

    Video still not streaming….

  • Terry Watanabe

    For some reason or another the pivot lesson #1 is not progressing

    • John Franco

      Terry, please wait some seconds until the video buffers. It will play then.

      • Terry Watanabe

        How long will it take to buffer? It’s been hanging there for about 5 minutes

        • John Franco

          Normally it takes some seconds. Try some of these solutions: refresh the page, stop any other activity such as downloads, etc., wire your computer to the Internet network, update your Flash version, update your browser to the latest version

  • Stanley Falinski

    That was very inspiring. I tried Pivot Tables before and gave up. But now I will concour then because now I can see the power. I am a boss.

    • John Franco

      Great to hear that Stanley! Stay tuned for the next lesson because it will show you the Pivot Tables Fundamentals such as the relationships that lie hidden in your data, how Pivot Tables organize and store those relationships, and so much more! If you master these fine aspects of Pivot Tables, you will be able to take full advantage of PTs power.

  • Leslie Glasser

    Video just hangs!

    • John Franco

      I am fixing this loading issue, Leslie. Thanks for your patience.
      The video streams now. Try again.

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