Pivot Table tutorial

I’d like to show you 7 principles that will help you implement Pivot Tables intuitively so you catapult your data crunching and analysis capabilities.

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Here are some reasons you will be a raving fan of Pivot Tables…

  • Get relief from the time-prohibitive nature of writing so many lookup formulas
  • Stop having reports only in your mind. With PTs you can easily translate your mind into the sheet reports you need. Once you grasp it, you do a report as easily as you think it with a mouse click
  • Don’t feel overwhelmed about summarizing thousands of rows in seconds. A Pivot Table is best for summarizing large amounts of data. Think of it like a subtotaling tool on steroids
  • Changes the layout of reports by simply dragging and dropping
  • Don’t lose the opportunity to look at data in a variety of ways in less than a minute. Being able to manipulate and actually ‘pivot’ the data between the various fields enables you to do so
  • Gain a better understanding of relationships, which in turn can lead to making more informed decisions, which in turn will lead to increasing bottom lines and accelerating your career

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