Roadmap to Excel VBA Mastery

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Download the 6-week VBA mastery roadmap (PDF)

Download the video here



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  • jomili

    Ignore my last comment. Video link doesn’t work if I click on it, but if I FOLLOW YOUR DIRECTIONS and do a right click and save target, it DOES work. Sorry.

  • Jomili

    PDF download link works, but Video download link doesn’t work for me.

  • Greg

    Videos 2 & 3 will not download. Server problem?

  • John Franco

    Sorry for the video issue. It’s my fault. I have tried all the configurations so it loads in any device and browser but still can’t make it work.

    I added a download link at the bottom of the video. Please download the video if it doesn’t load for you.


  • PK

    I am not able to view any of the videos that you have sent me.

  • Jomili

    I have watched the previous videos, but this one won’t work for me. No error, just no video.

  • John rigdon

    I am unable to view this and previous videos. Not sure what the problems is as my crack IT team cannot find any issue with my laptop.

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