How Excel VBA Works

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  • clairesvp

    For anyone having trouble with the Video; Download VCL player and make it your default for .mp4 files. This will help

  • robert.gyapong

    playing the videos is becoming impossible. saving the link too not too reliable. the only thing that i can do now is downloading the working files. please, i need your help urgently.

  • Mike


  • Maricon

    Interesting. Need to recommend to friends. Thanks.

  • eric

    cannot play video and the download link comes up with an error on PLC1 and 2

  • John Franco

    Sorry for the video issue. It’s my fault. I have tried all the configurations so it loads in any device and browser but still can’t make it work.

    I added a download link at the bottom of the video. Please download the video if it doesn’t load for you.


  • Bud I

    I finally found the Pause/Stop/Review/Status button/graphic. I had to scroll down off the active picture into the black screen area. Remember that you have to move the cursor into the area, and then back and forth a bit. When a grahpic appears, hover over it , and the appropriate actions should be available.

  • Ken

    To pause the video click the button in the bottom left corner, to restart it click it again.

  • Bud I

    I’m using Chrome. No problem loading or viewing the video, however, There is no way to pause or review a small portion of the lesson other than to restart at the beginning. I was about 15 minutes into the 1st lesson when I received an important phone call. I won’t try again without the ability to pause/review.

  • Crawford

    I’ve tried this on two different browsers. It won’t run on chrome or Firefox. What DOES it run on?

  • KB

    Dear John Franco

    Thanks a tone for your excel macro videos.


  • Ken

    It does now.


  • Ken

    Nothing happens when I try to see the video

  • Stan

    Terribly disappointed, I wasn’t able to view this video and watch it.

  • Pat

    Will not load. Any suggestions?

  • Michael

    I would love to be able to comment on the lesson but the video just dose not load. Any ideas?

  • Bruno

    Excellent. Thanks for the fine lesson

  • Bill Barney

    Good lesson.. Thank you..

  • Thomas24549

    Very informative. I am learning a lot. The content of your lessons is very understandable…as is your accent, after a moment of listening and getting used to it. Thanks.

  • Adam

    I get your emails with the link but when I open the link I only get this page with other peoples comments and no access or no icon to click to view the video.
    Any suggestions?

  • Phil

    I really like these lessons. Very well laid out. Just a request: if you could speak more slowly, I think your voice would be clearer. I love the way you explain important concepts in such an understandable way!

    • John Franco

      Thanks for your feedback Phil. Will consider your improvement suggestions for the next videos. Thanks again!

  • emad

    You are doing great job. I hope to let us have access to download these videos as they will be as quick reference to referesh information from time to time

  • Mary Grimes

    This lesson has helped me greatly in understanding what I call the GrandParent.Parent.Child objects. How to take action on each one of them and in what order.

    • John Franco

      I am happy you now understand more about the hierarchy GrandParent.Parent.Child. And great analogy Mary!

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