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  • adam

    Cannot view video either on web page or via download.

    • Dennis Durens

      cannot download the video

  • Dev

    Pls. send me the tric of expiry of excel file


    hi john,
    Thanks for the first session, you mentioned the next lessions are comming in june and now it is september, i need the next sessions, please tell me how to find them or give me the links of them through mail as i have subscribed your site just a few minutes ago.

    Please fulfill my wish

    thank you

    • John Franco

      Hi VISHWANATH, the next lessons are coming to you by email, 2 days apart.

      Check your inbox

  • Darcy

    I just took the first course. Are the other two still available? Thanks.

    • John Franco

      Yes Darcy. Wait the links by email.

  • Dorry

    Hi there…I tried to download but it’s not opening :-(

  • Maricon Tadifa Arriola

    Please send me updates and tutorial from basic. Thanks.

  • Ariel

    Thanks to your free offer and lecture.

  • RayE

    I would gladly like to download the lessons to my PC because I need to watch them in my own time when there is no network available however all I get is an online movie and would not let me download them. Could be some issue with our network security over which we I have no control.
    Can you kindly make the movies available in mp4 or some other or some other free format?
    Thanks in advance and good work.

  • Doug

    Thanks for the video. I understand the concepts, but have had the darndest time with the blankety blank syntax! I have programmed in Basic in the ’80s, but many times I’ve been in trying to find something in object explorer and get what I feel is a “run around” from the help. In addition, it’s difficult to figure out how to change properties / actions to the objects in the object model. If it weren’t for the Macro Recorder, I could waste a lifetime trying to write a line of code that VBA would accept.

  • Larry

    I am having viewing the lessons. I’ve tried FireFox and Chrome and neither one will show the video. I’ve tried the download link and receive a server error. Any suggestions?

  • John Franco

    Sorry for the video issue. It’s my fault. I have tried all the configurations so it loads in any device and browser but still can’t make it work.

    I added a download link at the bottom of the video. Please download the video if it doesn’t load for you.


  • Dave

    I found when I did a RightClick on the black screen area, I was able to select Download the video to a local drive and I was able to watch it with Media Player. Each video is about 30 megs, so slow connections may take awhile to download the file. The authors microphone produces a distant echo and his heavy accent make it somewhat difficult to follow but it was easy enough to rewind and replay any section once it’s on your local drive.

  • Steve

    Also waiting for the tutorial to start. Using IE and no data is coming down the line.

  • Jane Alexander

    Waiting for the access to the courses.

  • Laura

    I am deaf, please provide a transcript of your speech.
    Thank You!

  • shooter

    Is this a scam? I have got 3 emails about this and still can not see the course. Have used ie, chrome, and firefox all the same thing

  • Robert

    Sorry about my previous comment, my internet connection was too slow to load the video.
    The video works on IE, Safari. It took 20 minutes to load the 13 minutes of session 1. Chrome loaded after I made a refresh of the screen.
    Thanks for providing this free service.

  • Robert

    I tried using the browsers: IE, Google Chrome, Safari and they couldn’t load the training session.

  • Eti

    I would be Happy to watch the lessons of Excel VBA in your FREE course but I cannot, all I get is a black screen trying to load. Please give me instruction on how to do it.

  • Allen

    Sorry. I have the video working but what version of English is this? Quite useless to me, I’m afraid.

  • Allen

    Just a black screen with a revolving circle. Shan’t waste any more time on this site.

  • Dave

    Unfortunately, the video wouldn’t load. If the video was available to download, maybe I could utilize another media player to view it.

  • Michel

    I would be Happy to watch the lessons of Excel VBA in your FREE course but I cannot, all I get is a black screen trying to load. Please give me instruction on how to do it.

  • Randy Lunceford

    Video won’t load, what’s up with that?

  • Milton

    Mr. Franco
    Tried to get confirmed for the free vba course. All I get is a black screen trying to load so something. Tried for 15 minutes and nothing. Received email giving me a link to lesson one same as above. Even if I press play nothing but a black screen with a circle going around and around.
    Any Help??


  • Michael

    Videos not viewable on iOS iPad.

  • Wayne

    Video on VBA intro doesn’t load in Chrome or IE

  • Randy

    I am not able to view the video either. Perhaps you can provide this information in written format.

  • Jolanda

    I can’t view any video from the link given.

  • Avinash

    Would you be able to include the transcript of the video as well for people who do not have high speed internet for video buffering?

  • Rance

    Lesson one was pretty simple. So, how do I move on to lesson #2?

  • Thomas

    “Is the light read” should read “Is the light red”.

    • Kathy

      Thomas – incorrect. Past tense of read is still read.

    • Kathy

      Sorry Thomas. I just saw the video and stand corrected. Please forgive me.

  • Bill Barney

    Thank you for taking the time and effort to be so informative. I really appreciate it and it helps greatly to better understand.

  • Bruno

    Great idea John, but as others, it’s a little difficult to decipher the words.

  • Chris

    May I suggest that you get someone with less of an accent to read your test, please? I find you difficult to clearly understand, I’m sorry to say. I miss about every fourth word and have to think back about what it must have been, meanwhile trying to attend to what you are currently saying, which is then twice as difficult! It is a problem, and not just for me I’ve noticed. Thank you for your video; it was instructive and concise, once I understood it. I appreciate the effort you put into it and I appreciate that it is free. Please make it easier to comprehend. Thank you! :)

    • John Franco

      Thanks Chris for your honest feedback! I really appreciate it, and thanks for your effort in understanding the current lesson.

      Will improve the videos so you all understand the message more clearly.

  • Paul

    Thanks for the clear introduction

  • Jamie

    It would help tremendously if you fix your audio so that it doel not sound like an echo chamber.

  • Ivica

    many thanks, Ivica

  • Morton Wakeland

    The accent is a bit tough, you really have to listen, but we are globally connected and so not everyone on this planet speaks English in an accent that is easy for us to understand. I will be interesting to see what the other videos have to offer. I have attempted to learn VBA now for the past 5 years. There is some fundamental concept I am not getting. While I’ve programmed in Fortran and the “ole” Basic, there is something in VBA that I am not connecting with. I have yet to discovered that “something.” Hoping this may be the key to that “something.”

  • Jim

    Easy to understand so far.

  • Mary Grimes

    Very good beginning to understanding the logical flow of programming.

  • Gautam Shastry

    I would love to learn and understand VBO

  • emad

    Thanks for this great lesson. My question is it possible to save it and how?

    • John Franco

      Hi Emad. Thanks for your message! I will provide some downloadable material on the next lesson. Stay tuned

  • Danie

    Finished 1st lesson. well explained, thank you

  • Mohan Joseph

    Well explained. Thanks.

  • satish kumar singh

    i want to learn excel and vba

  • Rajendra Prasad

    Dear Mr. John Franco,

    Thank you for the opportunity. I shall try to learn as much as possible. I shall try and assist you once I learn in whatever way i can in your mission one I am through learning.

    with regards,
    GVR Prasad

  • Andrew

    Thanks John. When will next lesson be available. Do we have one week for the whole course or was the one week about opportunity to enroll in the course ?

    • John Franco

      Hi Andrew. Thanks for your questions. The next lesson (How Excel VBA works) will be available on June 24. The third lesson (6-week roadmap to Excel VBA mastery) on June 25.

      You have one week to go through this FREE course.

      • Chris


  • Sen Huynh

    Pleased with free offer to improve my Excel Thanks

    • John Franco

      Thanks Sen! I hope you get better understanding of Excel VBA in this FREE course. It will be only available for one week, so watch the lessons and ask all the questions before I closed them to the public. You will wait for 6 months to take it again.

  • Patrick

    many thanks

  • Patrick

    Pleased with free offer

  • Patrick

    Pleased with opportunity to improve my Excel

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