“Who Else Wants To Have Fun With Big Excel Tables?”

“To Data Analysts, Consultants, And Managers Who Want To Get On Top Of PivotTables To Find New Stats And Gain Insight On Presentation-ready Reports (Without Having To Export Data From Excel To Other Packages, Neither Writing Macros Or Lookup Formulas)”

Wednesday, 10:16 AM.
From: John Franco, Excel author

Dear friend,

You know that I am quite an abstract guy and put complex subjects in simple terms but decoding PivotTables took me literally more than 10 years.

And I fail miserably with PivotTables because I assumed that they were part of Excel. I only learned when I realized they had an abstract part.

I wondered why most people don’t get it. And the reason is simple. Because PivotTables are not Excel and Excel users are not trained to think different than Excel.

I will show you how to think like PivotTables do and you will say AHA, now I get it. Like Chris R in the testimonial below.

On my new program, I will reveal the abstract part and everything I have learned about PivotTables to make you a Master of PivotTables!

Master of PivotTables – A 7-week PivotTables Mastery Blueprint

Pivot Tables Domination

This is what some of my MPT students said…

“I’m not frighted of pivot tables anymore!!!!”

“My main role involves working with an MS Access Database, and exporting details from that via queries/reports to spreadsheets for distribution to various sections of our company.

However, I have recently taken on producing a dashboard for our team, which is shared with the government as well as the business! At the moment the dashboard is made up of lots of worksheets which produce tables on a “Dashboard” worksheet. There is a lot of work manipulating the data to produce an easily readable, meaningful and understandable dashboard for varying levels of management.

The Pivot Tables Seminar has given me lots of ideas of how the dashboard can be better produced, and hopefully be more dynamic rather than a monthly task! I’m not a data analyst but find manipulating the data on a dashboard to be fun (as far as work is!).

I will continue to follow your seminars, and have learnt a lot – I’m not frighted of pivot tables anymore!!!!

I find your training extremely useful and helpful, thank you”

Lesley F. | UK

“Categories and Data has been my big step forward.”

I worked through the first half of one of the videos last night… What has really helped me is the point you make about the data items in the raw data being either Categories or Data. As soon as I thought about it, that made sense of a lot of my past experiences with PTs.

Obviously, my learning style is such that I need to “see” a pattern or organization in the data structure. “Categories and Data” slotted straight into that need. The box, fruit, and vegetables didn’t help me at all, but then I knew that idea of sorting and grouping from previous work on PTs in a past existence. But horses for courses, Categories and Data has been my big step forward.

And having the spreadsheet to play with, to try things out, has been great. It is much richer in Categories than anything I might have created for myself, and so makes it easier for me to see patterns emerging as I tick successive boxes on the right-hand side.

Many thanks for a good program.


Chris Reynolds | IT Support Officer

“…a different insight I am thankful for”

“That was a different insight I am thankful for. It does underline the difference between excel and pivot tables. The hist video is indeed an anchor for every user”

Jan D.

“…You have opened my eyes.”

“Thank you, John. You have opened my eyes.”

James Gibbons


In this comprehensive Excel PivotTables program, you will learn:

    • How to do a PivotTable step by step, the guru way


  • The silent Excel behavior outsiders never notice, which every PivotTable guru should know to reduce anxiety during the analysis and presentation of long and complex tables. If you want to PLAY with big tables, then this is for you
  • The power of understanding and using Pivot Tables. You will see how you can be in control of your data, your work and so your life
  • The secret 7 PivotTables perspectives that will give you the right mindset to take advantage of this data analysis and presentation technology. Develop the mindset, concepts, and techniques that will make you truly understand Pivot Tables and win the “big tables” game. Go beyond the oversimplified how-to PT training tailored to the masses and get deeper into secret Pivot Tables and data analysis insights that many Excel gurus never unveil because they have a big ego to satisfy
  • How to gain experience with PivotTables in minimum time by learning the fundamentals, not just the how-to of dragging fields. If you master the PivotTables fundamentals, the rest will follow. Don’t be part of the horde of people doing painful trial and error, hoping their random “fields dragging and dropping” will produce the customized and impressive reports they want
  • Learn what kind of tables are suitable for Pivoting. Discover in what format the source data should be put to analyze it. If you want to take advantage of PivotTables, you must work with the right kind of tables
  • The two types of fields present in every source data. This simple concept will simplify the understanding of PivotTables
  • What the best locations for each field type on the PivotTable canvas are.  Never again get confused as to which fields to drag to what section
  • How to present the data that is relevant and show trends. Show multiple views easily. See data by date, subject, and unit at the same time
  • How to turn big tables into simple reports quickly and easily. Understand the fine points and tricks such as how to show less/more detail without trial and error, etc.
  • Simplify the creation of fully customized analysis and reports following proven PivotTable report blueprints. Discover how to exactly drag and drop the fields to show the metrics that you want such as top 10 products/students/projects/employees, total sales/cost per product and by quarter/month/week, etc.
  • How to keep the PivotTable formatting on updating (an entire module is focused on this). Learn the single command and the two techniques to keep the PivotTable layout and format between refreshes
  • Techniques to avoid Excel slowing down and locking up because of a large amount of data (an entire module is focused on this)
  • How to create Pivot Charts step by step
  • How to navigate an existing PivotTable report without messing it up
  • How to remove fields to simplify a PT report
  • How to drag fields to a PivotTable canvas without messing it up (creating wide unreadable sheets)
  • How to manage more than one PivotTable report in the same sheet or workbook
  • How to edit and format an existing PivotTable without breaking it
  • How to show multiple views of the same data source without increasing the file size
  • Learn the concepts through varied samples across many industries and purposes: finance & accounting, marketing & sales, engineering, HR, operations, education, government, etc.

What’s different from other Excel PivotTable courses out there?

Most of the Excel PT courses are all about the dragging and dropping of fields or how-to tricks that only works for one situation.

The MPT program will show you the abstract part and the fundamentals that empower you to face any big table analysis challenge, whether you work in finance, marketing, accounting, HR, IT, retailing, health, education, engineering or any other industry.

In fact, an entire module is dedicated to mastering the fundamentals.

The MPT program will also show you the practical HOW-TO, step by step guidance also. And the practical side is always accompanied by the root concepts.

Other PT courses assume you know a lot of things. I don’t take anything for granted that you should know. I explain it the way it is done to a kid. You will learn complex concepts following simple analogies anyone can understand. The MPT program will take you gradually from basic concepts such as the 2 type of fields in the data source to advanced concepts such as how to create an exact type of report.

What proficiency level should you have to get the most out of the MPT program?

Basic to intermediate Excel users will get the most out of this program because they will start the PivotTable journey with a strong foundation. The concepts are explained using simple analogies anyone can understand and the program progresses gradually from basic to more advanced concepts.

You can ask for a full refund if you find the course is not for you.

But if you are a seasoned PivotTable expert, you might use this MPT course as a refresher or for covering some voids you might have. Also, you can ask for a full refund if you find the course is not for you.

What do you get when you enroll in the MPT program?

After you enroll in the MPT program, you will immediately receive an email with a username and a password to access the private members’ area where you can watch/download the videos, workbooks, bonuses and ask for support.

Inside the members’ area, you can access the MPT material:

  • More than 7 hours of video training full of in-depth data analysis wisdom and techniques
  • More than 10 practice Workbook files in xlsx format (the same ones used in the program)

You can log in to your members’ area with any device (Android, iOS, Windows, Mac) or download the material to your computer and watch the lessons whenever and wherever you want.

And you also get…

Bonus 1 – Library of 50+ Category-rich Excel Datasets


Get immediate access to more than 50 curated Excel category-rich workbooks in xlsx format and organized into categories: finance & accounting, marketing & sales, engineering, HR, operations, education, government, etc.

Play with the pivotable-ready tables and apply the principles to further understand PTs.

Bonus 2 – The PivotTable Mind Map

Find inside a goldmine of ideas and notes covering the entire range of PivotTable topics. You can keep it as a reference, enrich the map with your own ideas and findings.

Bonus 3 – How To Create And Customize PivotTables Using VBA

Find inside a gallery of VBA code to speed up and automate the creation and formatting of Excel PivotTables.

  • Learn how to create a Pivot Table from scratch using VBA
  • Discover how to add new row, column or page fields to existing PivotTables using VBA
  • Learn how to format a PivotTable using VBA
  • Learn how to loop across the PivotTable fields
  • Discover how to select any element of PivotTables using VBA
  • and much more

Bonus 4 – How To Get The Source Data Ready For PivotTables

Learn how to consistently get your data in the best quality and format for PivotTables even if it’s poor quality or spread over different sheets and files.

This is a proven step by step PivotTable data preparation blueprint!

The best thing about a system is that it’s REPEATABLE. You can use this data preparation system every time and consistently get your data ready for PivotTables.

  • Discover the secret data psychology to look at data in a simplified way. With this simplified way to look at data (even at the most complex datasets), you will never again suffer for not having the different tables together because you will be able to easily uncover the underlying structure of your data even if you work with big tables or data is spread over different sheets and files
  • Know how a perfect dataset looks like. Find inside a clear picture of a table featuring the main elements of a perfect dataset. Visualizing the special layout of your data is key to getting it in the right structure for PivotTables. You will also develop the skill to ask for the right dataset. You can also send the pdf so others produce the data in the desired format
  • Discover the 4 possible scenarios every dataset fits in. This is, in fact, a comprehensive data success roadmap that will show you every possible scenario and how to solve them. You can use this data success blueprint to tackle complex data scenarios others are scary even to think about. And learn the concepts using rich illustrations and simple explanations
  • Learn how to merge tables from different sources using several methods such as lookup formulas, Power Query, etc.
  • Learn how to perform data cleaning using formulas, filtering, Power Query, and other proven tricks and techniques. Be among the 1% elite professionals and data analysts who are up to date with the latest technology such as Power Query. Put Power Query skills on your resume and get a better job or be considered for a promotion
  • Get access to a proven source data success checklist
  • Get access to datasets in xlsx format
  • and much more…

I’ve got to tell you, it is a lot more fun and fulfill ing when you know exactly what you’re doing in your data preparation process and with my PivotTable data success blueprint, you will know exactly what data appending, merging, unpivonting and cleaning means even if you work with big datasets with hundreds of tables and thousands of rows each.

Read what others say about my PivotTable Data Success Blueprint…

“WOW, the introduction- you are so right. The objects explanation is a masterpiece. “

“I read carefully the PivotTable Data Success Blueprint – WOW, the introduction- you are so right. The objects explanation is a masterpiece.

You are right in your Objects explanation. To think and understand about the goal of the report / the query that one received and to build the solution (the table that is the source to the PT) accordingly. One need to understand what is his main object and to build and organize the data around it.

As to the ways to approach the problem – obviously, if it is a one-time occasion, the manual appending and using the vlookup and then a pivot table is much faster. However, if the pupils’ attribution to an organic class and/or field of interest is dynamic, then using the Power Query is the chosen one. I still do not understand why I failed to import the 5 classes files to the PQ using “From Folder”, I had to load them one after the other the whole 5, doing the same 5 times.

In general, since I was a “Lotus 1-2-3-“ beginner, I was taught to think in tables, and the importance of data normalization. Therefore, whenever I see data, I start thinking of how to organize it in order to have the best PT out of it. So when I got the “5 teachers files” I knew that I need to gather it to one DB, and wanted to play with the new Power Query tool. Since I’m not that skilled with PQ, I faced some know-how barriers and your PT data success blueprint helped me with them.

I must say that in Israel there are many Excel Experts and some companies that teach Excel (for beginners, advanced, VBA etc) but I didn’t find any one with an approach like yours or Oz.”

Lior D.
Accountant, Finance manager

How much should you invest in this program?

Eventually, you can figure out the abstract part of PivotTables on your own. Or you can take advantage of the 10+ years John’s already invested in hard work dealing with big tables and PivotTables in a corporate environment, researching and synthesizing his findings.

There is absolutely no sane reason why you should want to waste years of your own career attempting to cover this same ground.

It’s up to you.

If you can increase your confidence to put Excel PivotTable skills in your resume and get a new and better job or get a promotion, how much extra money would you earn each month, $300, $500 or more?

The MPT program won’t cost you $500.

The MPT program won’t cost you $300.

The MPT program won’t even cost you $200.

Today, you can start learning how to simplify the analysis and presentation of big tables for any project for just one payment of:

USD 157.00

USD 99.00

Click Here To Become a Master of PivotTables

(Or $37 today if you want to take
advantage of our payment plan)

[Delivered instantly via a members-only website in mp4 and xlsx format]

With a small investment, the PivotTable data analysis and presentation skills will pay you back again and again.

If you don’t learn how to simplify the analysis and presentation of big Excel tables, you will never be a full-fledged Excel user.

And you risk nothing…

You love it or your money back

If within 60 days of purchase, you follow the Master Of PivotTables (MPT) video lessons, practice at your own pace, and cannot understand and use PivotTables to quickly find and present the crucial patterns that are in your data, or if you simply didn’t like the material, just ask a refund and you will get your money back, no questions asked.

Just contact us (use the subject “refund”). Will take care of it.

Click that button and take your first step to understanding and using PivotTables that will supercharge your data analysis skills, your earning potential, and your life.

To your data analysis success!



What Excel version do I need?

Excel 2010+

Can I learn at my own pace or is there a fixed schedule?

Watch the videos whenever and wherever you want. You can sign-in at any moment and from any device and start learning. Pause your learning and retake it later.

Is this course for me?

This course is for you if you work with large and structured data and want to get insights from it and present them.

Also, you should take this course if you have never tried Pivot Tables before, if you gave up learning PTs and want to understand Pivot Tables once for all, if you want to increase your understanding of the PTs fundamentals so you perform more advanced analysis and gain confidence to present your findings, if you are a consultant looking to get more solid at your skills so you can take new and better clients, etc.

Is the program online only?

You can watch videos online or download them to your computer or device. The content is yours. You decide how to watch the lessons.

To complete the course, how many hours/tutorials should I be viewing per week?

Each tutorial is like 30 min average. Each module/week has 5 lessons on average. So you would need something like 3 hours per week.

Are there exercises for each lesson?

Some lessons have some suggested activities. They are not assignments but ideas and inspiration to explore the concepts.

If I am not getting correct results, can I send my practice to someone for comments/review? Is help only available through email or is it possible to chat or talk to someone?

You can open a support ticket. You will get an answer by email in the next 24 hours.

Can I purchase the course for myself and my team?

Yes, you can purchase for multiple users and take advantage of my group discount. Please email me with the number of students and I can provide a discounted price: john@wizdoh.com

Click Here To Become a Master of PivotTables

(Or $37 today if you want to take
advantage of our payment plan)