“Imagine…You Can Bring The Excel Function Nesting Power To Its Knees!”

To professionals and consultants who want to transform Excel from a normal spreadsheet program into a dynamic and powerful analytics tool.

From: John Franco
At my desk. Monday, 8:15 PM

Dear friend,

It is interesting that the first scary megaformula I ever saw came from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, in 2002. The spreadsheet from this arrogant Brazilian university professor impressed me so much because…

…his megaformulas transformed the list-driven Excel workbook I knew into a
dynamic and powerful hydraulic simulator.

In the beginning, I was ashamed for not understanding anyone of his complex formulas. I even resent him for not explaining the logic of his formulas. Anyway…although I never met him in person neither knew anything else about him, he gained my respect forever because he revealed to me what was truly possible with Excel.

His megaformulas scared me but also inspired me!

To progress in my career and gain the respect or my coworkers and boss, I realized that I should master the skill of crafting formulas to solve business and industry problems.

The megaformulas he used were of mystical nature because you always got more than you put in! Imagine a few functions extracting information from tables, making decisions, calculating dates, etc. Later, I realized that these functions were popular among the megaformulas experts elite.

But these fascinating megaformulas were scary…

…I was unable to even change any megaformula without breaking it because this powerful spreadsheet application was written in a language that only the professor and of course Excel understood.

I became obsessed with the functions he used and started to study them one by one:  INDEX, MATCH, OFFSET, IF, OR, INDIRECT, ADDRESS, etc. I deconstructed his Megaformulas. I put them on separate columns, I studied their arguments and logic one by one…

…I am not exaggerating when I tell you that I struggle for almost a year to understand these complex Excel formulas.

Right now, I don’t have a copy of such megaformulas to show you but I can tell you that they were so long that I needed to paste them in a text file to see them whole because Excel wrapped them in multiple lines on the formula bar (and the Excel formula bar at that time was not resizable).

After years of hard work and dedication, I figure it all out!

Writing complex formulas to solve real business problems is really cumbersome
if you ignore some principles.

If you know that Excel has hundreds of functions but when it comes to calculating you are faced with questions like which function(s) should I use? How should I combine (or nest) them? Is there a way to write better formulas? How to make a formula fast, scalable, easy to understand and audit-able?…

…or If you have some worksheets with very long formulas (nested IF-THEN-ELSE/AND/OR/VLOOKUP/INDIRECT, etc.) and most are a bear to get working.

And want to become comfortable and at ease with these long formulas, then this is great news for you!

Because I created my new Excel Formulas program, Master of Megaformulas – The art and science of writing, editing and fixing Excel complex formulas

…learned some new ways to think about formulas.

Hi John,

I got through the document and learned some new ways to think about formulas. Also looking forward to your upcoming chapters!…

Thanks again!

John B. Schuyler

I haven’t seen anyone using analogies to simplify Excel formula understanding.

Thank you for making the Megaformulas course. This has definitely improved my understanding on how formulas work. The best part of the course is the analogies used to explain the concept for clear understanding. I haven’t seen anyone using analogies to simplify Excel formula understanding.

The MMF is not only for Excel learners but also for masters to help improve understanding methodically.

3 new things I learned:

1. The importance of order of operators and parenthesis. This is very important for Mega formula construction and accuracy of the results.

2. Using the function wizard for finding bugs or errors in mega formulas and also to compute intermediate results of a function used in large formulas.

3. The simple techniques to build effective mega formulas (one example being how to remove external references in a mega formulas quickly)

3 doubts/fears I removed

1. Managing spreadsheet with Mega formula or nested formulas was a painful exercise, particularly when those excel workbooks were created by someone else. Now I know the techniques to deal with them…thank you John

2. Index and Match formulas were always tough for me to understand, MMF had made it really simple and easy to realize the power of these two functions combined together.

3. Nesting function itself was a complex thing earlier. Now I have much better clarity about nesting formulas due to the tip to see excel functions as connectors and arguments as ports (this simple analogy brings so much clarity)

I am already working on a spreadsheet now to use index and match to populate results / calculations automatically. I am also planning to merge few workbooks as a single workbook by using the technique of removal of external references. I will also use the bonus function library provided towards this.

The simplicity of your language with perfect analogies can only be found in your books / courses. The workbooks provided are also very useful to practically see the impact of a MMF.

Thank you for yet another gem from Wizdoh…. In short a must have course for any Excel user.

Please have a great day.

Rajesh Dugar, Chennai, India

I only wish I had found them much earlier.

Good evening John,

I have downloaded the information and look forward to increasing my knowledge of Excel. Thank you very much for presenting these formulas classes. I only wish I had found them much earlier.

Thomas Dame

…it was nice to have it laid out step by step like you did it.

Hi, John,

I’m done with it already. It was easy to read and comprehend. I feel like I already knew most of the info, but it was nice to have it laid out step by step like you did it.

This is one step closer to my dream Excel learning idea: a set of Lego-like puzzle pieces that can be discretely moved around to fit the various possible configurations…such as, the Range “object” and the Range “property” for example. Doesn’t that sound like fun?

Thanks for all you do.

Best Regards,

Tom Watkins

In this comprehensive Excel Formulas program, you will learn:

  • The silent Excel behavior outsiders never notice, which every MF writer should know so they stop pulling their hair during errors and to reduce anxiety during the writing of long and complex formulas. If you want to go beyond level 3 of nesting with absolute confidence, then this is for you
  • A simple two-step technique to find any untraceable error on any megaformula. Well, only those who are aware of the silent Excel behavior I mentioned above can perform this technique successfully
  • 3 proven step-by-step nesting function techniques
  • How to be aware of unknown and advanced functions. Learn how to organize the 477 Excel functions into powerful groups and stop asking, which functions should I use?
  • Which functions can be nested together and which ones can’t be nested together. Yes, discover which are the good and bad associations you must avoid
  • How to manage parentheses and commas
  • How to figure out which formula would work best for your particular situation
  • How to check the results of intermediate steps. Learn how to use this technique in the middle of the writing or during the editing process
  • How to check the results of intermediate steps without creating intermediate columns that look unprofessional
  • Quickly figure out why your nested IF formula does not work
  • How to navigate a megaformula without messing it up. Learn how to easily position your cursor at the right spot to highlight the function, the arguments and how to select them without using the mouse so you never leave parenthesis out
  • How to quickly copy any nested function without dealing with the error-prone manual parentheses selection. Get rid of the insecurity of incomplete parentheses during your copying and pasting operations
  • How to simplify the writing and editing of complex and long formulas
  • A simple keyboard shortcut to make long formulas easier to read
  • Two commands to make a long formula shorter
  • How to manage more than 3 IF conditions
  • The two logical functions you can use to simplify IF megaformulas
  • How to edit an existing megaformula without breaking it
  • How to make additions to an existing megaformula without breaking it
  • How to get a failed megaformula working
  • The simple thing to do when a megaformula goes wrong
  • What are the 6 common errors and how to solve them
  • How to use the intellisense and tooltip tools to solve undefined/untraceable errors
  • How to preserve a megaformula on copying and moving
  • And much more!

What’s different from other Excel formulas courses out there?

Most of the Excel formulas courses are all about memorizing functions and formulas. The MMF program will show you how to think like Excel, how to learn functions in a way that you can match them with your situations, and how to be absolutely confident with complex formulas from you and others.

Other courses about formulas assume you know a lot of things. I don’t take anything for granted that you should know. I explain it the way it is done to a kid.

What proficiency level should you have to get the most out of the MMF program?

Basic to intermediate Excel users will get the most out of this program because they will start the megaformulas journey with a strong foundation. The concepts are explained using simple analogies anyone can understand and the book progress gradually till more complex concepts.

You can ask for a full refund if you find the course is not for you.

But if you are a seasoned expert, you might use this MMF course as a refresher or for covering some voids you might have. Also, you can ask for a full refund if you find the course is not for you.

What do you get when you enroll in the MMF program?

After you enroll in the MMF program, you will immediately receive an email with a username and a password to access the private members’ area where you can download the guide, workbooks, bonuses and ask for support.

Inside the members’ area, you can access the MMF material:

  • A pdf with more than 70 pages of in-depth formulas wisdom and techniques
  • More than 10 practice Workbook files in xlsx format (the same ones used in the program)

You can log in to your members’ area with any device (Android, iOS, Windows, Mac) or download the material to your computer and watch the lessons whenever and wherever you want.

And you also get…

Practical bonus #1 – The Excel Functions Finder (EFF)

I have synthesized the Microsoft Excel 2016 functions scattered help into one single database you can sort, filter, pivot, and enrich at your convenience (using the simple and familiar Excel filtering and list tools).

This handy workbook with a library of 477 Excel functions is for you if you want to…

  • Find new Excel functions to improve your skills. Discover new functions by category, by data type, by version added, by name, by any keyword you type on the respective field filter text box
  • Find out what can be done. Stop using the same functions that keep you stuck in a beginner level
  • Discover how many Excel functions are in Excel 2016
  • Discover the exact Excel version on which a function was added. You can know if your customers or peers will be able to use some fancy function you plan to use or finally find out why some functions cannot be used in your Excel version
  • Discover the exact new category where some functions were relocated to. Newbies think some functions were deprecated but they are hidden in some function category
  • Find out what types of data type each function retrieves so you know where they fit
  • Keep track of new functions added in the upcoming versions of Excel
  • …and much more!

One of the most fascinating things about this program is that develops the mindset to write complex formulas in Excel.

Practical bonus #2 – How To Keep Your Megaformulas Free Of Errors

After 20 years of writing, editing and debugging really complex Excel formulas (megaformulas) for Civil Engineering, science, data cleaning, and database projects, I have synthesized the best practices to be free of the most common errors that plague others.

This practical 20-page Excel Formulas best practice guide is for you if you want to…

  • Know the simple parenthesis strategy that will avoid you unnecessary frustration with untraceable parentheses errors
  • Know how to enter dates, texts, etc., in your complex formulas without crashing them
  • Know the 5 elements that you should focus on to avoid almost 90% of the most common errors during formula writing, editing and debugging
  • and much more…

How much should you invest in this program?

Being able to synthesize Excel into a few simple principles and techniques is only possible due to my 10+ years of hard-earned experience creating and using real-world Excel applications, in a corporate environment.

If you can increase your confidence to put Excel megaformulas skills in your resume and get a new and better job, how much extra money would you earn each month, $300, $500 or more?

If you become a freelancer, you will able to earn $50, $100+ per gig. And if you are a consultant, you will be able to face new and bigger projects.

The MMF program won’t cost you $500.

The MMF program won’t cost you $300.

The MMF program won’t even cost you $200.

Today, you can start learning how to write, edit and fix complex Excel formulas for any project for just one payment of:

USD 67

USD 47

Click Here To Become a Master of Megaformulas

[Delivered instantly via a members-only website in pdf and xlsx format]

With a small investment, the Excel megaformulas skill will pay you back again and again.

If you don’t learn how to write, edit and fix complex long formulas, you will never be a full-fledged Excel user.

You risk nothing

If within 60 days of purchase, you follow and implement the megaformulas guide lessons and you don’t learn how to write, edit and fix megaformulas from you and others, or you don’t feel more confident to use the program, or if you simply didn’t like the material, just ask for a refund and you will get your money back, no questions asked.

I have been selling Excel infoproducts online since 2011 to thousands of professionals from around the world.

Just contact us (use the subject “refund”). I will take care of it.

Enroll now and learn once for all how to write, edit and fix megaformulas.








How much time should I devote to learning?

To complete the MMF program, you should read 70+ pages. But you don’t need to read the entire book in one sitting. You can read the lessons at your own pace and you can also skip the areas you are familiar with or that you want to study later.

Can I access the lessons on my mobile device?

Yes, you can log in with your smartphone or tablet (Android or iOS) and read or download the material. If you want to manipulate the workbooks, you might need an Excel app installed.

Of course, you can also log in with your computer or laptop (Windows or Mac)

Can I access the lessons on my MAC?

Yes. You need a web browser (and Excel for MAC installed if you want to open and edit the practice workbooks). Just keep in mind that the screen tutorials correspond to the Windows Excel version and the interface and functionalities might differ.