“How To Simplify The Writing, Editing And Debugging Of Complex Excel Formulas”

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From: John Franco, Excel author

Dear professional,

You and I know that Excel is just a plain grocery list program if it doesn’t have complex formulas. But we know that quite often a formula requires a number of intermediate functions in order to produce the correct result…

…it can take a while to understand and debug the logic and syntax. Calculations using times, IF functions are a challenge, especially beyond the level 3 of nesting.

…but then Excel won’t easily accept your complex formula (megaformula) because the parentheses are hard to complete, some arguments are forever missing, the formula editor makes navigating the megaformula cumbersome, you don’t know what functions you should use, etc.

Most of the programs focus on learning the function syntax but they are hard to memorize and that wont help you navigate the jungle of parentheses and arguments.

Imagine you can develop the megaformulas mindset and suddenly you feel at ease with building megaformulas for your projects?

That’s why I created this absolutely free course “Pivot Tables Fundamentals.”

I haven’t seen anyone using analogies to simplify Excel formula understanding.

Managing spreadsheet with Mega formula or nested formulas was a painful exercise, particularly when those excel workbooks were created by someone else. Now I know the techniques to deal with them…thank you John

Nesting function itself was a complex thing earlier. Now I have much better clarity about nesting formulas due to the tip to see excel functions as connectors and arguments as ports (this simple analogy brings so much clarity)

Rajesh Dugar, Chennai, India

Included in this practical Excel training is what everybody ought to know about how to understand and use complex Excel formulas:

  • Why you need Excel megaformulas to succeed in Excel and in your career
  • Learn why learning the functions syntax itself is a fatal mistake that many professionals commit, and discover what to focus on instead, so you maximize your understanding and unleash the Excel data analytics and database power
  • Discover the psychology of nesting functions so you are no more part of the horde of people doing painful trial and error and hoping their random arguments tweaking will produce some meaningful result. Gain knowledge of the fine Excel complex formulas points such as X, what Y, WHY Z, etc. Discover how to exactly think to make functions nesting a game
  • Learn a simple technique to deal with parentheses
  • 2 simple techniques to write megaformulas effectively
  • How to write a complex formula step by step
  • And much more…

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