“Have you ever wanted to learn how to work smarter automating Excel with macros, but complex VBA programming jargon and concepts have always prevented you from getting started?”

Excel Expert John Franco Reveals (FOR FREE): How Excel VBA truly works, in a non-programming way and in only 3 simple lessons

I am John Franco, Excel author, and I often found myself saying: “I wish I knew how Excel VBA truly works and save time on everything. Now I can, and will show you how.

Included in this easy-to-understand Excel VBA video training for non-programmers like you, are VBA concepts many Excel users never get it… such as…

  • mm snapshotHow computer programming really works. Get ready to go deeper into programming by uncovering the simple paradigm you need to write Excel macros and get the job done with a mouse click
  • How Excel VBA truly works. Demystify Excel VBA language so you develop the confidence to start learning and writing your first macros. Excel VBA object model revealed! a fundamental concept even many so-called Excel experts never get it right
  • How to guide your Excel VBA learning with a practical VBA mastery roadmap so you stop wasting time studying the wrong programming topics, stop being overwhelmed by VBA information overload, which keeps you deciding where to start. This plan makes VBA learning easier
  • Develop a new sense of possibilities in Excel to save time on everything and work smarter. Discover why every piece of Excel can be automated and how to do it
  • and much more…

“Very good beginning to understanding the logical flow of programming. This lesson has helped me greatly in understanding what I call the GrandParent.Parent.Child objects. How to take action on each one of them and in what order.”

Mary Grimes | Student

“Explanation is awesome. This course is perfect for “non-programmers”. Thanks John”

Vinod Gupta | Student

“I really like these lessons. Very well laid out…I love the way you explain important concepts in such an understandable way!”

Phil | Student

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