Long Excel Formula – Tips to Avoid Blocked Column Headers or Hidden Cells in Excel 2003

How to pick an argument in an Long Excel Formula if a cell is blocked? Every Excel 2003 user hates this situation.

Maybe you see the cell but not the column header; for example, see the graphic 1 below. Where are D2, E2, F2, and G2 headers?

The worst part is when your momentum of choosing arguments is suddenly stopped by a where’s-the-cell guessing.

The best way to avoid this situation is by building shorter formulas. Anyway; here you will receive 2 handy tips to avoid this unpleasant circumstance…

Graphic 1

Blocked Column Headers Excel 2003

    1. Hide the Formula Bar

If you cannot avoid an Excel Long Formula then the solution is hiding the Formula Bar, here’s how to proceed…

Go to: Tool>Options>View>Show>Formula bar.

With the Bar gone, press F2 to edit a formula in the cell.

    1. Upgrade to Excel 2007
      • The content of the Formula is automatically wrapped
      • The Formula Bar is resizable
      • Press CTRL+SHIFT+U or
      • Use the double vertical arrow in the border of the Bar (see graphic 2) or
      • Press the arrow icon to the right (see graphic 2)

This problem never happens again in new Excel 2007 because two new features:

Resize the Bar this way…

Graphic 2

Resizable Formula Excel 2007