How to Do Less Post-Importing Work by Avoiding the Messy Csv Columns

Third party software reports usually come with unnecessary data for your analysis.

Choose the needed fields only if you are in control of the exporting process; on the other hand, if you have a txt file already in your hands, here’s a way to diminish the amount of post-importing-manual-work…

How to delete csv columns…

  1. Use Text to columns wizard. For Excel 2003 users go to Data>Text to columns. For Excel 2007 users go to Data>Data Tools>Text to columns
  2. Split your column with any of the two methods (step 1/3) “Delimited” or “Fixed width”
  3. Select the columns you want to skip (step 3/3)
  4. Select “Do not import column (skip)” option (step 3/3)
  5. Click Finish


Are you doing manual work every day in Excel?

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