Speed Yourself with 8 Excel Worksheet Shortcuts

This selection of Excel Worksheet Shortcuts will speed your work, use two or three at a time until you master them, then go for more.

One thing for sure…

Mastering shortcuts will reinforce you image of a local expert.

Here you have them…

1) Move to any cell in the sheet without scrolling

Use F5 to launch the Goto dialog.

Enter the cell reference directly and press Ok, you will be there instantly.

Use this Sheet Shortcut when you work with large lists.

Go To Specific Cell

2) Repeat the last action

Apply borders, fill patterns or any action you did before, just press F4

3) Change or Shift Sheets


Move efficiently when you are in the middle of a formula and want to choose an argument in another sheet.

4) Insert a Sheet

Excel does not have 2 keys Excel Worksheet Shortcuts for this operation.

Press ALT + I to show the insert menu and W to Insert.


The sheet is inserted to the left of the active one.

A final point…

Just to remember:

CTRL + KEY1 means you must keep CTRL pressed and then press KEY1

CTRL + KEY1 KEY2 KEY3 means you must keep CTRL pressed then press KEY1 and release, after that press the other keys in sequence.

5) Delete the current Worksheet

Excel does not have a 2 keys shortcut for this operation.

Press ALT + E and then press L (Edit menu, Delete Sheet command).ALT + E L

A message will appear if the sheet you are trying to delete has content.

6) Avoid right click on the sheet tab to Rename

Rename the current sheet (Format menu, Sheet submenu, Rename command).

Press ALT+O H R

7) Select cells at the other pane or move Between them

Use F6 and SHIFT + F6

Use this shortcut in the middle of a formula to make reference to a cell in any pane. By pressing F6 you shift between each leftmost and topmost cell in the pane, use the arrows to go the desired cell.

8) Move Between active sheets of open workbooks


Use this shortcut with all MS applications: Power Point, Word, etc