Excel Training & Online Courses

I wish I had access to this comprehensive Excel online training when I was starting out in my career.

Today, you can learn Excel online with my comprehensive Excel courses:

Task control:

Find excel macro tutorials that will show you how to create a macro in excel, how to record a macro in excel, writing macros in excel, and much more!

Master of Macros Blueprint – 6-week Excel VBA mastery blueprint for absolute VBA beginners

Simple Macro Writing System –  The art and science of developing operational Excel macros

How To Do More Than 150 Fundamental Excel Tasks In VBA – A gallery of 150+ indispensable macros to do the most wanted Excel things

Data control:

Discover the Excel Pivot Table training that will show you what is a pivot table, how to do a pivot table in Excel, and much more!

Master of Pivot Tables – 7-week PivotTables Mastery Blueprint shows you how to completely understand and use Pivot Tables for instantly exploring, understanding, and presenting data

How to extract information from Excel tables

PivotTable Data Success Blueprint

How to create interactive and dynamic Excel dashboards

VLOOKUP and INDEX & MATCH  masterclass

Understanding PivotTables mechanics


Excel Bundle