Excel Table – You will Hate Yourself if You are not Using this Excel 2007 Command

If you have been delaying the upgrade to Excel 2007 this article is for you. Additionally, if you have not fully understood this command, don’t quit reading now…

The command I refer to is the Excel Table feature.

Here I will show my reasons to consider this new Excel 2007 command a big deal…

1) Manage Data Regions Consistently

Your confidence will increase in sorting/filtering because now you have a kind of MS Access table inside your Excel Spreadsheet.

No more worries about:

  • Field Headers or subtotal rows included as data when you Filter or Sort
  • Inclusion of adjacent data that is not part of the data set
  • Exclusion of adjacent data that is part of the data set
  • Exclusion of data beyond 1000th row in the Filter drop-down list

2) Spend Less Time Setting Common-Filter-Criteria with the New Predefined Filters

Filter quicker than ever; now you have preset filters (date filters especially).

In brief…

  • Text filters: Contains, begins with, etc
  • Number filters: Equals, greater than, above average, etc
  • Dates filters: Tomorrow, today, this week, next quarter, next year, etc

3) Apply Format Quickly and Easily with Table styles

Apply formatting to table in one click; predefined table styles are available or you can create your own.

How do you do it?

Place inside the table and then go to: Design>Table styles

4) Quick Transition To Pivot Tables

Once you gain confidence in working with Excel Tables your move to Pivot Table is a step away. This option is now integrated.

In Ribbons go to: Design>Tools>Summarize with Pivot Table.

If you have used the tool you may have more reasons to use it, please share them with us…

5) Automatic fill formula

No more worries about inconsistency in a formula that should have been copied down. Excel will do the job for you. The table automatically fills the column with the same formula each time you create one or change it

6) Integrated subtotal row

I can easily apply filter criteria and keep the results at the bottom consistently. Additionally,  no extra values considered either,  including the total in the sorting /filtering process.

There are more benefits, could you point out those that you have experienced…