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I hit unsubscribe by accident on an email in June when in fact I was trying to download the macro guide. If you don’t mind, can you resubscribe me or should I do so on your site?

Christine D. – NJ, USA

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Hi John,

Greetings from Scotland!!

I love reading your emails, and I can’t tell you how many times over the years your tips and emails have helped me or pointed me in the right direction in real life situations when I am struggling to find a solution to a particular work related problem – I really appreciate it.

Many thanks again for all your help over the years and best regards.

Mike Fitzpatrick – Scotland

“A friend just suggested I sign up for your Excel emails…”

A friend just suggested I sign up for your Excel emails, but I cannot find a Subscribe link on the page about the newsletter! How/where can I sign up? (Or can you sign me up?!).


…a colleague forwarded me one of your emails yesterday with a note that as a “power user” of Excel, I should sign up to get them – as I’m always looking for more ways to get Excel to do more (and me less!  I wish!) I was excited to see the info. I’ll be sure to check out all your offerings through your site.

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Anne M. – Boston, USA

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  • How to think like Excel does
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  • How to Learn New Excel Formulas
  • How to extract information from Excel tables using lookup formulas and techniques
  • How to turn your plain spreadsheet into a dynamic and interactive dashboard
  • Excel productivity tips and techniques
  • …and much more!

Some of the past issues…

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