Excel resources

I recommend these Excel sites because they offer tons of value to Excel users. I am not associated with any of them. I don’t earn any commission from their programs (at least from these links below).


  • Vertex42.com – Templates and spreadsheets for small business, personal finance, time management, education, statistics, and engineering and more.
  • MrExcel.com – It has tons of tips and articles. Visit the forum to find thousands of questions and answers from a very active community of users and experts.
  • Ozgrid.com – I love the forum, it is a vibrant community full of expertise. The site also offers you a Free Excel Stuff section with tons of downloads, examples and more.
  • ExcelHero.com – Advance your Excel creativity with extreme Excel
  • contextures.com – Excel tips, tutorials, sample files and videos
  • chandoo.org – Lots of great articles, tips and tricks and training
  • peltiertech.com – Excel Chart and data presentation mastery
  • excel.tips.net – Tons of Excel tips and weekly newsletter
  • exceljet.net – To the point videos
  • myexcelonline.com – Excel training and articles
  • excelcampus.com – Rich-illustrated and in-depth Excel articles and training
  • Spreadsheetpage.com – It contains tips, downloads, books, oddities and more. It also offers the Spreadsheet Blog.
  • ExcelExperts.com – Download for free practical Spreadsheets (personal finance, property and more). Participate in the forums; learn new advanced tips, get deep info in the blog and more…
  • MVP page – Official list of the current Most valuable professionals (MVP) and their websites

This is not an exhaustive list. They were in mind at the moment of writing this page.

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