Excel Report – 7 Commands you can Use to Present Data

  1. Excel Filter. Turn an entire flat table into a small/focused report. You slice data by applying any given criteria to each column, for example: less than, equal to, between, does not contain, etc.
  2. Excel Table. This is the best way to present tabular data in Excel (2007). You can filter and sort data, or apply formats very easily. The table behaves like a self-contained database table.
  3. Excel Pivot Table. You can summarize thousands of rows in seconds by a simple mouse drag and drop. Then you can arrange the data according to any category, for example: sales by region, sales by salesman and by region, sales by quarter, etc.
  4. Group. This command allows you to collapse rows and columns the same way you collapse folders and subfolders in the Windows Explorer you already use. A +/- sign appear next to the item to be expanded or contracted.
  5. Subtotal. It allows you to add subtotal rows to a table in seconds, additionally you can apply auto format very easily.
  6. Format cells. Apply the format you want to the cell you want. The cell may contain a number, date or text. This command changes the font, color, background, borders, number and date format, and custom format. Here you control how data appears on screen. Remember that all changes do not affect the underlying data. You can apply number of decimals, percentage, custom format, dates formats, etc.
  7. Conditional formatting. You can apply a format (font, color, background) based on the values of a cell, this way you can show profits in green color while losses are in red color. It makes your analysis more visual.