“Have You Ever Wanted To Quickly Analyze And Present The Crucial Patterns That Are In Excel Tables That Contain Tens of Columns, And Hundreds, Thousands, Or Even Hundreds Of Thousands Of Rows, But Your Lack Of Understanding Of Excel PivotTables, Has Always Prevented You From Getting Started?”

FREE! Excel Pivot Table Tutorial reveals how to understand and use the most powerful data analysis tool in Excel.

From: John Franco, Excel author

Dear professional,

Since 2009, I have been helping thousands of professionals from around the world to master the fundamentals of Excel, and because I worked with huge tables, I Often Found myself Saying: “I Wish I Knew How To Understand And Use Pivot Tables”. Not a good Excel Pivot Table Tutorial was available then.

Now I understand the mechanics and psychology of PivotTables and can use the most powerful data analysis Excel tool in real situations, and in this free Excel Pivot Table Tutorial, I will show you how you can do it as well.

Pivot Tables are considered by most experts the most powerful Excel feature ever created, because it empowers you to make all apparent unrelated data work together and uncover the hidden opportunities and insights in your data.

Information/knowledge economy, yeah!

The fact is that we are drowning in data and data won’t stop coming :( A Pivot Table is the analysis tool that will help you win the data analysis game.

If you want to take full advantage of Pivot Tables but the fine mechanics and psychology are still incomprehensible to you, keep reading…

That’s why I created this absolutely free “Excel Pivot Table Tutorial”

Included in this practical Excel Pivot Table Tutorial is what everybody ought to know, about how to understand and use Pivot Tables:

  • In a nutshell, discover what is a Pivot Table and how to do a Pivot Table in Excel
  • Discover the real power of understanding and using Pivot Tables in your work. You will see how you can be in control of your data, your work and so your life
  • Learn why learning Pivot Tables itself is a fatal mistake that many professionals commit, and discover what to focus on instead, so you maximize your understanding and unleash the Excel data analysis power
  • Discover what the Pivot Tables fundamentals are, so you are no more part of the horde of people doing painful trial and error and hoping their random “fields dragging and dropping” will produce some meaningful result. Gain knowledge of the fine Pivot Tables points such as cube and cache technology, what kind of tables are suitable for Pivoting, what operations are available, how the fields are arranged, how the different measures are calculated, etc.
  • Discover how to exactly drag and drop the fields to show the metrics that you want such as top 10 products/students/projects, total sales/cost per product and quarter/month/week, etc.
  • Master all the concepts by doing with a category-rich practice Excel file you can download to your computer
  • And much more…

Solid first introduction to Pivot Tables.

I am really liking the course so far. It is very well-structured and you explain the concepts in a new, great way. I am looking forward to going through this entire course.

Wow! I never thought of it like that. That rotating the cube description is really enlightening for me and brilliant. Thanks!

The Pivot Tables Seminar has given me lots of ideas of how the dashboard can be better produced, and hopefully be more dynamic rather than a monthly task! I’m not a data analyst but find manipulating the data on a dashboard to be fun (as far as work is!).

I will continue to follow your seminars, and have learnt a lot – I’m not frighted of pivot tables anymore!!!!

That was very inspiring. I tried Pivot Tables before and gave up. But now I will concur with them because now I can see the power. I am a boss.

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