Excel IF – How to Write an IF Formula when Some of N Conditions Have to Be Met

This is the classical divergent condition: if at least one of the conditions is true then proceed. You build this formula with logical functions Excel IF and OR.

Imagine the following example: you will give a 2% incentive to each salesman whose product dealer is: HP or DELL.

You will use an IF function, the syntax is as shown below: IF(logical_test,value_if_true,value_if_false)

The “logical_test” argument is based on two conditions, use OR function to return TRUE when one of the conditions is met.

In your own words, the formula would be:IF(at least one condition is met with OR, do this, if not do this other thing)

Graphic 1

Finally, the formula could be something like this:

=IF(OR(C2=”HP”,C2=”DELL”),0.02,”Not applicable”)

Important notice:

You can build this logical formula by nesting IF functions but this is the hardest way. See example below:

=IF(C2=”HP”,2%,IF(C2=”DELL”,2%,”Not applicable”))