Excel Formulas – 3 Reasons I love Entering Arguments by Hand

I started to use Excel 10 years ago approximately, that was in 1999 . At that point in time, the mouse was already the king for humans to talk with the machine so I grew as a mouse advocate.

I found some contrast when I saw my last boss (I am my boss right now) using the keyboard and not the mouse. I discover the benefits of using the keyboard because I asked myself a question… Why is he still using the keyboard if the world has become mouse crazy?

I discovered the reasons and now…

1) I love entering arguments by hand in a formula because it is quicker

Reason: avoid me to drag and drop the mouse long downward, passing far rows down and return until I fine tune the target cell.

2) I love entering arguments by hand in a formula because it makes me less prone to errors

Reason: keeps me aware of data I am using in my formulas. For example: when you are using subtotals, you may create an overlap of arguments, you may get higher results for totals. Additionally when you go away to drag the mouse you lose sight of your data set, this may lead to low awareness and a future mis-referencing of the data set.

3) I love entering arguments by hand in a formula because I feel the romance with the PC

Reason: gives me a sense of control. I feel like an Excel expert each time I do it. Using the keyboard gives me spatial picture of the spreadsheet, I know where  things are, so I point to them without seeing them. This is a strong confidence tool.

I admit that I use the mouse for  most tasks, but I use the keyboard interchangeably with great results.

Are there any mouse advocates out there?

What about those keyboard veterans?

I appreciate your thoughts…