Excel articles guidelines

I am looking for talented Excel VBA macros experts who are passionate about writing, to write and set up article/blog-posts. I am looking for How-to Articles and insight-articles.

The articles should be high quality, in-depth and original.

I pay USD 20.00 for each HQ Excel article.

You will be responsible for:

1) Writing articles, including coming up with content ideas, should be willing to do some research on your own for the topic your writing about. I will provide a list of Excel VBA topics and provide some direction to help you to develop the content.

2) Setting up blog articles/posts. You will get your own login to the blog to post articles at your own schedule.

Please bid on a per article basis and respond with samples of your writing. We are looking for someone who can become a regular part of my growing editorial team and produce at least 10 articles per month or more.

Some specifications for the articles are:


The articles should be written in perfect American or British English. With perfect grammar and good punctuation.


  • Write for our audience. they are intermediate Excel users who want to become better than everybody on Excel and make their work more efficiently
  • Use a conversational style like you were talking with the reader. Be genuine, show your personality
  • Use stories or analogies to introduce new/complex concepts or ideas. Ask John if you need assistance
  • Deliver fully what’s stated in the title
  • Start every article with an excerpt about what to expect: who is the article for, some benefits, why should you read the article, etc.
  • Start instruction-paragraphs with active words like: Save, Delete, Click, Run, Avoid, etc.
  • Provide enough clear space using: bullets, headlines, variable paragraphs length, etc.
  • Deliver the article title promise using 600-800 words
  • Include graphics and illustrations. Figures should contain relevant annotations or comments. Figures should be numbered Fig 1, Fig2, etc. And you should specify in the body of the article what figure the reader should relate to
  • Include VBA code


My mantra here is: “Write freely, optimize later”

Once you are done with the article you can replace keywords here and there.

  • Optimize the title for the given keywords
  • Optimize the headlines in the body (h1, h2 , etc.) for the given keywords
  • Optimize the body for the given keywords

Work completion

  • Every article title should be approved first before you start
  • Submit your article for approval before publishing it

Writer’s agreement

You should submit a signed agreement where you specify the exclusivity copyright terms of the articles provided.

Here are some examples…

You can contact me at: Email John Franco