“Who Else Wants To Love Excel And Their Work AGAIN?”

To Busy Professionals Who Want To Learn/Refresh Excel Faster By Spying A Guru Doing The Most Popular Tasks Using The Essential Excel Commands, Functions And Techniques?

From: John Franco
At my desk. Sunday, 11:11 AM

Dear friend,

If any of these things are true for you, then this is the most important letter you can read today for increasing your productivity and enjoyment of Excel, work, and life…

✓ You have a basic working knowledge of Excel and want to explore new areas of the program but learning Excel is a slow process for you because you don’t have time or because you get sidetracked

✓ You have a good working knowledge of Excel and want to know the important features that you might be missing, but don’t have the time to explore the myriad of features hidden in the Ribbon (neither to do the trial-and-error that is needed)

✓ You are the kind of person who whenever you look at, attend, or is exposed to Excel information and techniques, you find new ways of doing what you do (more efficiently and/or differently)

✓ You are stuck in a routine and need to re-energize with a new view and possible new skillsets

✓ You want to know directly (ASAP) the Excel techniques and functions for collecting data, creating dashboards, increasing productivity

✓ You want to learn crucial Excel commands or techniques you might be missing

✓ You need to learn new methods on your own time because Excel is the only tool your company owns and no there are no plans to venture into new technology

✓ You have fallen behind the newest Excel versions and want a mental framework to explore new Excel features quickly and easily so you never miss the train of major Excel updates

✓ You are a highly skilled Excel user but you still occasionally need to find “THE Excel tool/function/technique/whatever” to drastically simplify some complex, multi-step data-extraction and formatting chore.

…because here I will reveal the Excel mastery secrets to make you feel again that Excel is the most useful and friendly program, despite its bloated ribbon with hundreds of commands and functions.

Yes, I will show you how to beat the application once for all.

It’s the secret Excel mastery method used by experts to tapping into the amazing functions in the ribbon tabs that you still stumble upon either through reading blogs or when you are discovering a new technique.

Excel mastery lessons from my farm fiasco

Back in Nov 2017, a farm fiasco taught me an important lesson about having the clarity to see the hidden flaws and opportunities around us. And this is also true for the bloated Excel ribbon.

I took a break from my Excel info-business for 7 months. It was a great time because I had more time to focus on new projects and my family but…

…having free time is not always a good thing because we are open to new decisions and so to new mistakes. In fact, I made several mistakes during this sabbatical period…

…for example, I bought a used car for my farm but the 1967 Toyota pickup was a piece of crap. In our first trip to the farm, it collapsed 500 meters before arriving.

This is the proud me before realizing I had bought a clunker with no road value. Well, I wanted to have fun driving a classic but my farm adventure turned into a nightmare.

The damn mini truck had so many problems I didn’t see when I bought it. I spent most of my time in the repair shop. My sons and wife still laugh at me for being so silly for not paying attention to the flaws.

Once in the repair shop, the mechanic opened the engine bay and looked at just one damn spot…

…he looked at a single oil leaking spot.

He nodded his head slightly and said to me, “degraded engine gaskets”. That was bad news for a wannabe farmer like me but the lesson of this story is…

…he only looked at this part of the whole car but knew immediately 90% of the problems of the old Toyota pickup.

After that, he looked into other couple parts such as the engine noise, the brake system and the wheel system. The core elements of every car.

There are so many obvious flaws we don’t see around us, in life and in Excel as well.

But not only flaws but opportunities because, after buying this 1967’s clunker, I immediately realized the parts market that exists around this kind of vehicles!

For the parts industry, these old cars are a great opportunity. And there is also a community of mechanics who profit from these cars.

But I was not trained to see the opportunities either.


The “cruel and kind” law that touches everything from old cars to Excel

I spent almost 2 days examining the painting, the seats, the tires, the engine look-and-feel but not the damn leaking spot.

I looked at 90% of the car but not to the 20% that matters.

But the mechanic looked at the 20% of the car to find 80% of the mechanical problems.

It’s the Pareto principle in action!

80% of problems come from 20% of parts.

80% of results come from 80% of actions.

This is also true for many Excel users…

…due to time constraints, old habits, bad tutorials, the design of Excel itself, and because we ignore this law, etc., we don’t see the flaws in our workflow and ribbon. Also, we don’t see the opportunities in the ribbon.

For example, we use data that is broken from scratch (full of typos, duplicates, etc), our formulas are destined to fail from scratch because we don’t use relative references, we ignore many simple shortcuts such as F4 that repeats the last performed command, and so forth.

Also, there are opportunities we don’t see in the Ribbon such as Power Query or some contextual menus that appear only when we do some activities.

You and I know that one would see the flaws and opportunities if one was pointed to them.

Imagine having someone pointing you to where the Excel flaws and opportunities are and in minimum time!

Imagine having someone pointing you to the 20% of Excel commands and functions that bring the 90% of results and in minimum time!

Imagine that the veil is removed and suddenly, BOOM!…

…you start doing things differently and more efficiently because you will see the flaws in your workflow and the amazing commands and simple techniques and workarounds that are at your fingertips.

If you know where the opportunities in the Ribbon are, you are smart enough to tap into them. What you need is clarity.

Imagine having an Excel Guru taking you by the hand through each tab of the Excel ribbon and showing you the 10% that produces the 90% of results?

Does it sound a good idea to you?

Yes, being pointed to the Excel most important and popular features in the bloated ribbon that you have overlooked by old habits, time constraints, lack of corporate training and other life pressures.

And imagine that you explore the Excel most powerful features in less than TWO hours?

Yes, Excel revealed to you in just TWO HOURS!

It has cost me more than 10 years of study and reflection and trial and error to finally discover a way to feel whole about the program and never miss a feature that can help you streamline your work.

You don’t need to spend a decade to gain this practical Excel mastery mindset…

…because I have packed it into…

The Essential Excel Guru Tour – How to unleash the most powerful and essential Excel commands and functions in TWO hours

What’s exciting about this product is that you will have a permanent mental image to beat the application, to find what’s new and to make things differently.

Excel will be no more unknown territory.

Hello John,

I only started looking at the videos this morning on a flight to work. The two that I looked at were very helpful, coincidentally, I did want to learn about slicers, so that was a bonus.

Look forward to watching the rest.


Tyrell Abeyawardene, Australia

Hi John,

I really did not want to miss the opportunity so I ordered the course…

I seem to recall that you made some points in what I did review that were from a slightly difference perspective that were refreshing in that they were “new to me”.

I hope to get a chance to review everything this summer. Or if I start some ‘new’ project I would use that as my ‘prod’ to open my perspective prior to digging in.

This may sound silly ‘out of the blue’ – but – have you tried writing science fiction ? Your skills presenting comprehensive concepts might have other target ‘applications’.

Best Regards,

Dwight Kitchin, Colorado, USA

In this practical training program,  you will discover secrets that remain overlooked for the majority of Excel users such as…

  • What are the 10% of commands, functions, and techniques to do 90% of Excel core tasks such as data collection and preparation, dashboards, writing and troubleshooting formulas, automation and customization. You will discover the essential commands in the ribbon and in the Query Editor (Power Query) and the few 20 functions that are indispensable for most of Excel heavy data and formulas work
  • The most popular situations where this 10% of commands and functions are used. You will love this information if you like to learn by following examples. No theory here but only the practical application of the key Excel tools
  • The 15 dashboard functions you should learn
  • The 5 Text functions to do wonders with poor data
  • Why thinking in terms of the Excel Ribbon and Tabs can limit your ability to use Excel!
  • A strategy to always remember where things are and what they do. Hint: the ribbon makes your life more complicated. This is the simple strategy I use to turn Excel into a limited set of functions like the alphabet
  • How to make your Excel macros appear in the ribbon
  • What simple actions you can perform to uncover features that are forever hidden to the general Excel user
  • How to get more uses from any single command! (You’ll be amazed when you learn this!)
  • A mental image of ALL the Excel features. Use this framework to be on top of any new Excel version
  • A new categorization of ALL the Excel functions that will empower you to find the functions that you need and to reduce the mental load of learning and retaining these functions
  • Why getting sidetracked is the most powerful way of mastery any function or command. Learn also the right way of getting sidetracked
  • A simple and evergreen technique to explore any new Excel feature or command in minimum time
  • What’s the trend Excel and the data software industry is working now and in the near future. So you, like a bubble in a pipe, always see it coming
  • The simple strategy to find new uses to existing features. Learn how to match a problem with a solution. Avoid over learning features that you don’t need now
  • A simplified way of thinking about data that will attract solutions and ideas to you. This is the evergreen data strategy to stay on top of Pivot Tables, Databases, data models, Power Query and any other data technology that is coming
  • How to use PivotTables to summarize big tables in seconds and without writing lookup formulas
  • How your workflow and ribbon clarity are strictly related
  • How to use new functions you have never used. Hint: stop reading tutorials and start using the functions. I will show you the simple way to do it
  • The simple non-Excel strategy that will help you use Excel to please your boss while decreasing the use of features
  • The simple concept that will help you understand databases, pivot tables, power query, data models, and any other new fancy data features that is coming
  • The intuitive approach to visualize and propel yourself to the outcome you need even if you know nothing about the commands needed
  • The 3 secret features that are not in the ribbon that improve your formulas writing productivity 5 times
  • 2 methodologies to speed up data collection and preparation
  • How to speed up formatting and reformatting of data
  • and much more…

This program is just two hours of video training you can complete in one sitting but is packed with insights and wisdom you can use for the rest of your career and not only with Excel but with other programs that are needed in the corporate and professional world such as Word, PowerPoint, etc.

What user level should you have to get the most out of the EEGT program?

Basic to intermediate Excel users will get the most out of this program because the simplified training in the Essential Excel Guru Tour will show you all the tools that you need to use and how to use them. The EEGT program will get you off the ground in two hours.

You can ask for a full refund if you find the course is not for you.

But if you are a seasoned expert, you might use this course as a refresher or for covering some voids you might have. Also, you can ask for a full refund if you find the course is not for you.

What do you get when you enroll in the EEGT program?

After you enroll in the EEGT program, you will immediately receive an email with a username and a password to access the private members’ area where you can watch or download the lessons, download bonuses and ask for support.

Inside the members’ area, you can access the EEGT material:

  • 2 hours of video lessons. Each module is made of short lessons of 7-min average
    • Module 1 – Data collection and preparation tour [40 min]
    • Module 2 – Dashboards tour [20 min]
    • Module 3 – Formulas tour [20 min]
    • Module 4 – Productivity and Automation tour [20 min]
  • Practice Workbook files and data

You can login to your members’ area with any device (Android, iOS, Windows, Mac) or download the material to your computer and watch the lessons whenever and wherever you want.

One of the most fascinating things about this program is that it will not only give you the location of the features but the mindset to explore Excel features and Excel new versions quickly and easily.





How much should you invest in this program?

Being able to synthesize Excel into 2 hours is only possible due to my 10+ years of hard-earned experience doing data collection, dashboards, automation and customization in Excel, in a corporate environment.

If you learn Excel faster, you will stop paying for slow courses that drip shallow content on you (you know, $355 for the beginners’ module, $355 for the formatting module, and so forth), and which can easily add up to hundreds and even thousands of dollars.

If you are the kind of person who learns by following examples, you don’t need to go through 12 hours of boring video that costs $300+ because you only need to be pointed in the right direction.

You don’t need to pay for course after course if you can explore what matters in Excel in just two hours.

And if you can increase your confidence to put new Excel skills in your resume and get a new and better job, how much extra money would you earn each month, $300, $500 or more?

The EEGT program won’t cost you $500.

The EEGT program won’t cost you $300.

The EEGT program won’t even cost you $200.

Today, you can explore the Excel most popular commands and functions for just one payment of $75.

Click Here To Unleash The Most Essential Excel Commands And Functions To Boost Your Productivity And Confidence

[Delivered instantly via a members-only website in .mp4, pdf, xlsx format]


With a small investment, Excel will pay you back again and again.

If you don’t learn the existing features and the new features that are being added with each new version, you will keep redoubling your time and effort for completing assignments and wondering what important features you are missing.


You risk nothing

If within 60 days of purchase, you follow and implement the two-hour lessons and you don’t learn the key commands, functions and techniques to do data collection, dashboards, formulas, automation, or you don’t feel more confident to use the program, or if you simply didn’t like the material, just ask for a refund and you will get your money back, no questions asked.

I have been selling Excel infoproducts online since 2011 to thousands of professionals from around the world.

Just contact us (use the subject “refund”). I will take care of it.

Enroll now and know once for all the most fundamental Excel commands and functions and how to use them.








How much time should I devote to learning?

To complete the Essential Excel Guru Tour, you should watch 2 hours of video training. But you don’t need to watch the two-hour training in one sitting. You can watch the lessons at your own pace.

Can I access the lessons on my mobile device?

Yes, you can log in with your smartphone or tablet (Android or iOS) and watch the videos and download the material. If you want to manipulate the workbooks, you might need an Excel app installed.

Of course, you can also log in with your computer or laptop (Windows or Mac)

Can I access the lessons on my MAC?

Yes. You need a web browser (and Excel for MAC installed if you want to open and edit the practice workbooks). Just keep in mind that the tutorials were recorded on the Windows Excel version and the interface and functionalities might differ.

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