Comprehensive list of dashboard formulas and functions

Extracting data for your reports and dashboards is not brain surgery. There are 40+ functions used in dashboards and you can know them all Today!

In this new report, I am revealing the 43 secret functions used in dashboards. And you can download it for free!

Find inside the core dashboard functions and formulas…

  • How to pull single values
  • How to pull single value that is a summary of values.
  • How to pull array of values

The formulas are organized in a map you can explore today.

This dashboard formulas roadmap is for you if you don’t know what’s available and want to know the basic formulae, if you want to learn how to do a proper lookup. And is also for you if you are always looking for new ways of doing things, or if you want to know if you are on the right track on your dashboards journey.


Download the map here.

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What functions/formulas have you already used? What are the most frustrating and why? Join the conversation below…

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  • James Harman

    I extract a lot of stuff to Access. What can Excel do for me?

  • Katy

    Intersted in learning

  • Cyril

    Conditional formats -they on’t work consistently for me.

  • T P Redkar

    Advanced transpose command in Excel, How to download data from SAP info type 586 to excel column-wise.

  • Bea

    curious to know. i am dealing with more and more data

  • Thambisamy Sellappan

    I’ve seen some fancy dashboards, so wandering what it takes to generate such reports. Also looking forward to learn something new. Thanks

  • Murali

    Hi am on a lookout for simple dashboars ahowing variety of sales report/inventory/purch. Is there any ready made template available with u

  • George Sinkinson

    Interested in arrays

  • Peter Rowlinson

    just interested in learning

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