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Feel free to share your stories with dashboard formulas and answer any of these questions at the conversation area below…

  1. What do you feel is your biggest frustration with extracting information from Excel tables right now?
  2. Why you think you want to learn how to extract information from tables?
  3. What kind of information do you want to extract from Excel tables?
  4. What formula/dashboard thing is not a problem for you now?
  5. Why do you think Excel Formulas are hard to learn or write?
  6. What formulas you use the most to create dashbaords?

Some of us are shy to share our challenges in public, so you can answer these questions privately and securely here.

I will then post here a summary of your answers. Thanks!

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  • Greg Pickett

    I find the biggest frustration is in coding what outcome I need.
    Can story board rill the cows come home, but still have little code in the editor that achieves what I am after.
    Basic understanding of using “offset” in dynamic named ranges and filtering data, alas, this obly scratches the surface.
    It would be great if someone could put a tutorial together that explains each step in building a data list and through to the end with a working dashboard.
    The tutorials could be over 7 or 8 stages with each tutorial building on the previous stage.
    Lets know some thoughts.
    and use general functions

  • Gene

    Within the next several months we hope to post reoccurring metrics on the teamsite page. Something here will save me time later.

  • Terry

    My biggest frustration with extracting information from Excel tables right now is that the data resides in an MS Access database and is updated weekly – I need to update pivot tables in Excel based on this data with out copying and pasting the data and refreshing the pivot tables.
    I want to learn how to extract information from tables so that I can display ten different summary reports on one screen/page.
    Excel Formulas are not hard to learn or write if I can use the Insert Function dialogue box.

  • Dindin

    I want to know what can I do with the course.

  • Mohammed

    would like to learn interaction of macros with dashboards

  • Rodney Manser

    Looking forward to learn what Dashboards can do for me.

  • Ray Andrews

    my difficulties are in re-organizing data from prior years to give meaningful comparisons to current year performance e.g. when sales territories and customers are moved for the current year and have to be re-organised from prior years so that like for like performance can be evaluated

  • Johny

    Always looking fot new things to learn.

  • Jim

    My biggest challenge is dealing with daily new reports. I’m ok setting up a dashboard with existing data, but don’t know how to deal – simply – with new information that arrives on a daily basis.

    • John Franco

      Thanks for your answer Jim.

      Can you tell us what you have tried to deal with the situation and failed? Can’t make your dashboard formulas dynamic to include the new data?
      Have you tried using Pivot Tables?

  • Michael Singh

    Looking forward to this course.

  • Dave Fields


    I would really like to know the “ABC’s” of dash-boarding.

  • nayan

    i would like to go for this.

  • John Franco

    Hi all,

    Thanks for joining this free Dashboard Formulas masterclass!

    If you prefer to answer the questions in a more personal manner, you can also share your thoughts in the personal link: https://goo.gl/forms/Cd5UOSXPVyVe1d8H3

    I will post a summary of the answers here.

  • Ehman

    The Value Field Settings is my biggest upset in creating dashboard..although i know how to make dashboard i want to dig deeper into this value field settings..

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