It’s a shame you don’t know all the proven lookup formulas used by experts in their dashboards.

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From: John Franco, Excel author

Dear professional,

If you want to marry your dashboard with the spreadsheet data using proven magnetic formulas that will pull almost any answer from your Excel tables, then this might be the most important message you will ever read…

…and here’s why…

…after working 8 years as a Civil Engineer for one the 50th biggest construction companies in the world, I have been helping thousands of professionals to master the fundamentals of Excel since 2009, and because I needed to extract information from huge tables, I often found myself saying: “I wish I knew what are the exact formulas to pull information for my dashboards”. Now I can, and will show you how.

It’s interesting…

You and I know certain things about trying to extract information for our reports and dashboards…

It usually requires the use of complex formulas such as multiple column lookups, array formulas, etc., and the right syntax is found by trial and error only.

The formulas we find in Excel forums and blogs are not always useful in our situation.

Also, typing these complex formulas requires memorizing the syntax and being lost in a jungle of parenthesis, nested functions, commas, etc. We never get it right the first time when we need a different report.

We also know that Pivot Tables are great to create dashboards but they are rigid in formatting and layout, and they need updating.

So, we use formulas to marry our dashboards with the worksheet data and put the pulled data wherever the boss want. We use formulas to create customized reports and dashboards, and to keep our reports updated in real-time.

But without the exact Excel formulas, the right data is never attracted and linked to your dashboards.

Warning: these dashboard formulas and techniques are not for everybody

Not everybody wants to transcend the plain spreadsheet level because the dashboard land is plagued with new techniques, N/A# errors, scary syntax and debugging, data cleaning, etc.

If you are here for a magic shortcut and are not willing to study the syntax and tweak the formulas to adapt them to your situation, then this is not for you. I am sorry.

How to win the dashboards game

It seems incredible that you can know the exact formulas used to extract information from tables and used them without remembering the syntax.

If you want to win the data analysis game, you’ve got to know the exact dashboard formulas.

These formulas and the complex dashboard techniques and tricks are learnable!

If you want to know the exact formulas to extract information from tables but you can’t remember the syntax or don’t know what formulas to use, keep reading…

That’s why I created this absolutely free course “Dashboards Formulas Blueprints”

Here you will learn how you can save time and effort writing the exact formulas to create dashboards.

Included in this practical Excel training is what everybody ought to know, about how to extract information from your tables and create complete dashboards:

  • What are the secret formulas used in every dashboard and report. You will be surprised to know there are just 10 core formulas used by experts on their dashboards
  • Examples of formulas for querying and getting real-time access to Excel tables
  • Formulas templates that will help you use the formulas without remembering the syntax
  • The secret lookup psychology that will make you an instant lookup expert. Discover how to type these complex formulas without even remembering the syntax
  • Proven techniques to type complex formulas faster and without errors
  • And much more…


John can teach you some really awesome tricks and help you become better at writing lookup formulas.


After reading your book I am much more comfortable with a number of ways to lookup values from a table. Your book is my ”lookup bible”.

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