“Have You Ever Wanted To Build Interactive Excel Dashboards, But Your Lack Of Knowledge Of The Techniques Used, Has Always Prevented You From Getting Started?”

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I am John Franco, Excel author, and I Often Found myself Saying: “I Wish I Knew How To Present Information And Give The User The Ability To “adjust” The Data They Are Viewing. Now I can, and will show you how.

Included in this practical Excel guide are dashboard concepts many Excel users never get it… such as…

How To Turn Plain Spreadsheets Into Interactive Excel Dashboards

  • How to start a dashboard project. You need to answer just two simple questions if you don’t want to be part of the horde of professionals who wish they could create dashboards in Excel
  • What to include in a dashboard. Know exactly what kind of data goes in a dashboard so you create professional reports, and start being taken seriously by managers and decision-makers
  • A gallery of the proven Excel tools and functions used to create interactive dashboards. Gain confidence to implement the techniques you already know when you become aware that they are used extensively by dashboards people
  • How to implement friendly controls (option buttons samples provided), so you give the user the ability to “adjust” the data they are viewing. This makes your dashboards more dynamic without having to recreate them every time
  • How to have real time access to database information in Excel, using plain lookup formulas (no complicated database connections commands). A fascinating and simple VLOOKUP example provided that you can use instantly to pull data at once
  • How to create charts that can be easily edited on the fly, using scroll bars, radio buttons, etc.
  • And much more…

“Thanks for highlighting the core thinking behind creating management reports. Sometimes we are involved with technical parts and miss out the management point of view. Thanks again for sharing such a thought. Regards”

Kamal | Student

“You bring to light useful functions/methods/approaches otherwise unknown to a significant portion of Excel users.”

Anonymous | Excel subscriber during a survey

“I just can’t stop learning from you. Please stay “tuned” in championing intuitive Excel…”

Phil Egan | Excel subscriber and student

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