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“Are You Willing To Follow more than 40 Killer Techniques To Build Interactive And Dynamic Excel Dashboards?”

“REVEALED! The Secret Dashboard Techniques Used By Experts To Give The User The Ability To “Adjust” The Data They Are Viewing Without Recreating Your Dashboard Every Time (Today Starting From Scratch)”

Dear friend,

My name is John Franco, Excel author, and you know that more and more companies are requiring people to know these Dashboard things and you know these things are not taught in school or as part of your company training program, so if you don’t get these things on your own, you don’t get it.

If you are reading this, then probably these things are true about you…

  • You want to make dashboards tell a story of what needs to be fixed, but you don’t know the exact techniques and tricks to present data as you want
  • You want to give the user the ability to “adjust” the data they are viewing without recreating your dashboard every time
  • You want to make your dashboards truly dynamic at a reasonable design cost (without using much macros)
  • You have seen people pull data at once in their dashboards and have thought “I wish I could do that”
  • You have tried to implement scroll bars, option buttons, etc into your dashboards but you cannot fully integrate these controls into the functioning of your dashboards

If you do not yet clearly understand what dashboard techniques exist neither how to implement them in your spreadsheets…

… you will forever struggle, and likely remain a permanent member in the horde of “I would like to learn how to create dashboards” out there.

Just implementing one dashboard technique to turn your plain spreadsheet into an interactive report can be enough to put you on the dashboard game and be part of the exclusive group of proud professionals who can say, “hey, I know dashboards.”

“Are you kidding? This is not Excel!”

This is what I used to think to myself when I used some dashboards that made me feel I was operating a totally different application. And I respected the person who created those dashboards from then on. They created a great user experience for me.

Those dashboards were so clean, without gridlines, without any distracting element and I could literally get new insights on demand.

I started figuring out what techniques were involved and how to implement them.

But to my surprise…

A dirty secret about Excel dashboards techniques

Dashboarding is about better storytelling, to tell better stories about data I thought I needed advanced and sophisticated dashboard techniques.

The dashboard effects I saw in those dashboards were so great, that I thought to myself “this should be complicated”

I was wrong…

You can do a lot with the tools you already know. You just need some dashboard integration tricks.

For example…

To pull data at once and create simple animations, you just need lookup functions that you might already use (VLOOKUP, INDEX & MATCH). You have probably use a VLOOKUP to pull one simple value from a table. You can use the same function to pull all the fields of a table, if you write a VLOOKUP for each field. It’s not what you use, it’s how you use it. And the magic occurs when you use these pulled values as datasets for Charts and other calculations.

Friendly controls CAN be integrated without writing any single line of VBA code…

Friendly controls CAN be integrated without writing any single line of VBA code, just linking controls to cells (cell links) and using those values in the formulas you already know (e.g. VLOOKUP, IF, etc.).

And this is the coolest part…

…you don’t need to learn all the techniques available to create interactive reports. Once you learn a couple of killer techniques, you can start creating dashboards.

I am about to reveal the key techniques to build interactive and dynamic Excel dashboards…

If you follow my advice and implement these techniques, you will be soon very popular among managers and decision-makers in your company…

I Love you John Franco, you make me a master at Excel.

Nipun | Subscriber

Dear John…Really you are fascinating and have an explanation method that is highly attractive. Your approach impressed me because it hits the point directly…

Emad T | Student

You bring to light useful functions/methods/approaches otherwise unknown to a significant portion of Excel users.

Anonymous | Excel subscriber during a survey

This is definitely a great course with lots of good examples; the analogies used are very much nearer to the normal life

Srinivaskalyan | Student

As A teacher I loved your simple creative ways of explaining complex subjects, it was through your teaching I learned so much more and in turn shared with my students. To this day I use your rules about designing a good table. I always enjoyed your teaching style and I am thrilled to know you have returned to Excel.

Debra | Student

Dear John, …I want you to know how blessed I am meeting someone like you with this craft of yours…!Its really helpful and easy to understand. Nothing more to say, Ill keep this for life and share to my colleagues… Wish you the best of everything through the years to come. Muchas Gracias.

Garry Pasan | Student

Fantastic explanation with easy to learn description of complex Excel formulas with clear examples and screen shots/files.

Anonymous | Excel subscriber during a survey

Announcing the Excel Professional training…

How To Create Dynamic And Interactive Excel Dashboards

More than 40 step-by-step and fully explained techniques, for setup, presenting data and giving the user the ability to “adjust” the data they are viewing.


Included in this in-depth and easy-to-follow guide are secrets most Excel users never discover… such as:

  • More than 40 step-by-step and illustrated explanations (with commented practice Excel files) that will empower you to learn a new dashboard technique literally in minutes. Implement any new technique while you read, with easy to follow explanations. You have the ability to focus on the techniques that matter to you until you fully implement them. Your coworkers will think you have a private dashboard coach teaching you these secrets
  • How to present the data you want to users, implementing friendly controls: option buttons, check boxes, scroll bars, etc. Become popular among decision makers when they start feeling special customizing the reports as they want
  • How to pull data at once using common functions as VLOOKUP, INDEX & MATCH. If you have not mastered these functions yet, you will also get an intuitive explanation of how these formulas work. Empower people to have real time access to database information in Excel (without using complicated database connections)
  • Know how to limit data entry and so avoid report crashing and learn how to do it in several ways: using data validation, protecting your sheets, etc. Don’t be afraid anymore that your reports will crash in the hands of end-users
  • Learn how to animate charts simply with dynamic datasets (no need of macros. Only lookups). These techniques will set you apart from the horde of people who use Excel as a plain spreadsheet
  • Avoid using these techniques in the wrong scenarios by knowing the main pitfalls of each technique
  • How to create movie animations using simple VBA code (VBA template provided). This technique will set you apart from the majority of Excel users who only know rudimentary animation techniques
  • Obtain general ideas of initial design & setup
  • Learn how to create a great user-experience, giving the user the ability to adjust the data they are viewing. Build truly interactive and friendly dashboards users can literally change on the fly. Learn how to change charts, pivot tables, Excel on the go, just by pressing friendly buttons. I provide VBA code templates to make this easier
  • Prevent users crash your reports by protecting the key areas of your dashboards. Have peace of mind your reports will work as expected no matter the degree of heavy use they are exposed to
  • And much more…

…and much more!

Greatest Gold-Mine of Proven “Dashboard Techniques” Ever Crammed Into One Excel Program ($147 value)…

Win Acclaim implementing these core techniques (fully explained with step by step guidance and illustrations)…

How to keep your dashboard title prominent and up to date – Dynamic Headings

  • Technique # 1.How to create a dynamic heading
  • Technique # 2.How to create a dynamic Chart caption

How to pull data at once – Dynamic datasets

  • Technique # 3. How to pull datasets using VLOOKUPS


  • Technique # 4. How to pull datasets using HLOOKUPS
  • Technique # 5. How to pull datasets using INDEX & MATCH (single)
  • Technique # 6. How to pull datasets using INDEX & MATCH (multiple)
  • Technique # 7. How to pull summarized datasets using Pivot Tables
  • Technique # 8. How to pull summarized datasets using Subtotal functions (SUMIF, COUNTIF, etc.)
  • Technique # 9. How to pull Pivot Table datasets for powerful charts
  • Technique # 10. How to filter Chart datasets
  • Technique # 11. How to pull multiple-matching data
  • Technique # 12. How to filter Chart items


  • Technique # 13. How to change the Chart source array dynamically

How to empower dashboard users without crashing your dashboards – Dynamic inputs

  • Technique # 14. How to set up an input cell
  • Technique # 15. How to format Input cells
  • Technique # 16. How to protect output cells
  • Technique # 17. How to set up controlled cells
  • Technique # 18. How to pick categories from a drop down list
  • Technique # 19. How to pick categories from a list
  • Technique # 20. How to increment values gradually
  • Technique # 21. How to make a single choice
  • Technique # 22. How to make multiple choices
  • Technique # 23. How to choose a date from a date picker
  • Technique # 24. How to present graphical aids for Inputs and outputs

How to keep users up to date – Dynamic outputs

  • Technique # 25. How to format outputs
  • Technique # 26. How to trap mistakes in cells
  • Technique # 27. How to present messages on Excel Shapes
  • Technique # 28. How to create a cartoon animation
  • Technique # 29. How to create a movie animation
  • Technique # 30. How to create a Chart animation
  • Technique # 31. How to create a gauge using Excel charts


  • Technique # 32. How to create a thermometer using a simple Bar chart
  • Technique # 33. How to show information in a Popup

How to edit your dashboard on the fly – Dynamic setup

  • Technique # 34. How to set up a Chart remotely
  • Technique # 35. How to set up a Pivot Table remotely
  • Technique # 36. How to set up a Table remotely
  • Technique # 37. How to set up the look and feel of Excel remotely

General techniques

  • Technique # 38. How to organize your dashboard content into tabs
  • Technique # 39. How to create a Static TOC
  • Technique # 40. How to create a Dynamic TOC
  • Technique # 41. How to change the Zoom level
  • Technique # 42. How to lock the position and content of controls
  • Technique # 43. How to change the look and feel of Excel

And much more…

Important: this program includes practice files compatible with Excel 2007 and later versions.

Bonus 1!

My advanced guide “How to Design Excel Dashboards” for ABSOLUTELY FREE! ($47 value)

How to Design Excel Dashboards

Thanks for highlighting the core thinking behind creating management reports. Sometimes we are involved with technical parts and miss out the management point of view. Thanks again for sharing such a thought. Regards

Kamal | “How to Design Dashboards” Student

Hi John, I just bought your dashboards course. It looks very good and a new innovative way to view things!!

Rob R. | “How to Design Dashboards” Student

Enjoying dashboards so far, I love the way you are breaking things down and getting my brain working and improving my thought process.

Rob R. (again) | “How to Design Dashboards” Student

You can get it absolutely for free when you get my “How To Build Dynamic And Interactive Dashboards” program TODAY.

This easy-to-follow guide will show you:

  • The 5 fundamentals to present data creatively, meaningfully, beautifully and professionally
  • Step by step design framework to build any dashboard project without unnecessary rework and making decision makers love and use your dashboards
  • Learn how to lay out your dashboards professionally: know how to present data to upper management, know how to choose colors, fonts, etc, know how to layout your reports so users are engaged, know what data to present and what data to omit (avoiding embarrassment with upper management people), know the elements that go on every professional dashboard
  • Know 3 single questions you should ask before you create any dashboard. If you don’t ask these questions you will be never be taken seriously by managers and decision-makers. This simple technique also empowers you to please different managers and users
  • Know how to grab dashboard users attention. Know where to put the data in relation to the charts. Learn what data to highlight, what data to hide. And convert your managers into addict users of your dashboards
  • Obtain general ideas of initial design & setup
  • Present data in a way that decision makers love. Know how to identify their motives and present exactly what they want. Contribute to the bottom line of your organization, helping decision makers to understand data, track, analyze, forecast, etc major business functions. Help identify problems and opportunities in your business. Inform managers about business performance
  • Establish your professional leadership with improved communication/reporting skills. Enhance your reputation as a data presentation expert
  • And much more…

Bonus 2!

My advanced Excel Charts VBA guide “How To Create and Modify Excel Charts Using VBA” for ABSOLUTELY FREE! ($47 value)


This easy-to-follow Excel VBA guide will show you:

  • How to change the look-and-feel of your Charts using VBA, chart element by chart element: Series, Plot area , Up/down bars, Axis: horizontal/vertical axis (category), horizontal/vertical axis (value), Chart area, Gridlines, Legend, Trendline, Chart title, Data table, Data labels
  • How to create Excel Charts with one click
  • A Gallery Of Charts VBA code to change every aspect of any chart
  • …and much more

This guide also comes with a macro sample Excel file so you can get some real hands on experience!

Bonus 3!

My advanced Excel Pivot Tables VBA guide “How To Create, Setup And Format Pivot Tables Using VBA” for ABSOLUTELY FREE! ($47 value)

How To Create, Setup And Format Pivot Tables Using VBA

This easy-to-follow Excel VBA guide will show you:

  • How to create Excel Pivot Tables with one click. Comes with A Gallery Of Pivot Tables VBA code to change every aspect of any PT report
  • How to change the look-and-feel of your Pivot Tables using VBA, element by chart element: Row fields, Column Fields, Page Fields, Value fields. Impress your boss with Pivot Tables applications
  • …and much more

This guide also comes with a macro sample Excel file so you can get some real hands on experience!

Here’s how to get started!

You might be able to figure it all out on your own. Eventually.

Or you can take advantage of the 10+ years John’s already invested in hard work, researching, testing and implementing Excel dashboards techniques.

There is absolutely no sane reason why you should want to waste years of your own life attempting to cover this same trial-and-error ground.

Excel dashboards techniques knowledge is scattered through books, forums, and blogs and synthesizing that information requires lots of work and motivation. You might spend months and end up with partial knowledge because gurus don’t have time to mentor you along the way and usually they don’t expose everything they know.

If you can get a better job or a promotion with these in-demand data skills, the price of this program is ridiculous.

The “How To Create Dynamic And Interactive Excel Dashboards” program and bonuses value is USD200+.

If you enroll today, you get access to all, for only


USD 29.99

DEADLINE: Nov 22 2017, 11 pm, USA Eastern time.

This includes private access to the Download Area where you can download your guide, practice files, bonuses and updates for 6 months, and email support for 1 month.

If you want to get exactly the information you need in just a few minutes of time, then you can learn one technique at a time, at your own pace because the guide is structured in a way so that  you can learn each technique independently, so you don’t miss anything if you go in any order.

If you’re serious about getting started on Excel dashboards and presenting data for upper management and users, go ahead and click the “Get started today” button below.



Delivered instantly in PDF format, via a download page.

If you have any question about this product, contact us.

100% No risk guarantee

You love it or your money back

If within 60 days of purchase, you follow the program lessons, do the homework and cannot implement these techniques to build interactive and dynamic Excel dashboards, or if you simply didn’t like the material, just ask a refund and you will get your money back, no questions asked.

Just contact us (use the subject “refund”). Will take care of it.

And also…

  • Private member area. Download guides, support material and updates in a private, password-protected area. Enter the area using your own credentials: user and password
  • Direct interaction with the teacher. Ask your questions directly to me, by email or via our contact form, and I will answer your questions personally

Enroll now and start learning the key techniques to build interactive and dynamic Excel dashboards








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