How to communicate with other applications using VBA?

There are a lot of benefits of interacting with other applications using VBA language… You can use data generated somewhere in other application, for example: creating new PowerPoint slides using Excel charts and tables You can perform commands that don’t exist in your application, e.g. inserting Excel calculations in a Word document You can expand the functionality [...]

The Excel object model demystified

The reason why many Excel VBA beginners fail is that they try to learn Excel VBA without understanding the Excel object model first or even ignoring there’s such as fundamental VBA concept. If you want to get started with Excel VBA and macros but are still wondering, “what the hell the Excel object model is”, [...]

I want to learn how to write macros in Excel, where do I start?

Let me rephrase that question for a moment…”I want to learn how to write a novel, where do I start?” Why learning how to write macros in Excel is like learning how to write a novel For now think in a macro like a novel in the sense that is a meaningful composition to the readers. A [...]

The power of these Excel VBA commands/functions

I just finished a NEW Excel VBA video that shows you: How to find what Excel VBA commands (Visual Basic commands) are available for you to use for a particular situation How to handle the vastness of Excel VBA keywords efficiently And much more… Stop missing all the Excel VBA tools that you can use [...]

Excel VBA productivity shortcuts – FREE download

When you want to save time doing little things here and there in Excel VBA Macros, shortcuts are extremely helpful. The problem with most “Excel VBA productivity shortcuts” is that they are laid out in a way that is difficult to navigate and use. TODAY you will get a handy and FREE Excel VBA shortcuts report that is laid out [...]

How to make your R1C1 VBA formulas easier to Read

You hate those horrible R1C1 formulas that your Excel recorder produces, right? Like this one… Range(“B11”).FormulaR1C1 = “=SUM(R[-9]C:R[-3]C)” Me too! And the reason we hate that notation that much is because we are so accustomed to work with “A1” formulas in Excel and because this style of cell referencing is friendlier. Here’s a nice trick (Convert formula [...]

Why you Need Excel Macros – Video

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How to Delete Duplicate Files Using Microsoft Excel

There was a time when a 40 megabyte hard disk was considered luxuriously big, but with today’s consumption of digital media and common file sizes in the gigabytes, modern terabyte hard drives can fill up fast. By filling up our space we don’t only cause a file management headache, if let get out of control [...]

How to Create Hyperlinks in Excel Formulas and Macros

If you have any spreadsheets where one sheet has some kind of list and the other sheet has some details on the items in the list, you will understand how confusing it can be navigating from one to the other. Microsoft Excel has the ability to create hyperlinks between items in two sheets? In this [...]

How to Use Microsoft Excel to Calculate Salary

For small businesses who do not want to pay an outside service for payroll the first port of call is usually Microsoft Excel. Standard office type employees are pretty simple to keep track of, but what if your employees have overtime and other work structures? How do you calculate the correct pay? Let’s take a [...]