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Data Control

Learn how to import unstructured data into the desired layout, how to export data to the desired layout, how to clean data, and much more!

Free Excel online courses: Excel Pivot Table tutorial

In-depth Excel online courses: Master of Pivot TablesPivot Table Data Success Blueprint

Insights Generation

Learn how to write advanced formulas, array formulas, how to make formulas dynamic, and much more!

In-depth Excel online courses: Master of Megaformulas

Sharing Insights

Learn how to create interactive dashboards, how to extract information for your reports using VLOOKUP, INDEX & MATCH, learn how to use charts, and much more.

Learn Excel free: How to create Excel dashboards

In-depth Excel online courses: How to create Excel dashboards

Task Control

Learn how to collect, analyze and present data faster, smarter, and more accurate with Excel VBA macros, shortcuts, and dynamic techniques.

Learn Excel VBA free:  How to record a macro in Excel

In-depth Excel VBA online courses: Master of Macros BlueprintSimple Macro Writing SystemHow to do more than 150 basic Excel tasks using VBA

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