“Are You Willing To Follow More Than 150 Indispensable Macros To Do The Most Wanted Excel Things In VBA, And Start Beating The Application And Those Arbitrary Deadlines?”

“Finally revealed! An Excel expert’s done-for-you VBA macro library to get you off the ground (without the hassle of researching, figuring out and testing these tricky macro programming instructions)”

From: John Franco, Excel author
At my desk, Tuesday, 8 AM

Dear Excel friend,

If you want to use macros to finally break free from the chains of ‘time & energy sucking projects’ but the lack of time to figure out the exact VBA syntax, the complex syntax itself and the lack of relevant VBA examples, have always prevented you from getting started, then this is the most important message you will ever read…

…because today you will discover that getting started with Excel macros or finishing your macro projects for being much ahead of deadlines is not complicated if you have the essential VBA code at hand.

It is embarrassing for an Excel guru like me to admit it but the truth is that…

…finding the essential VBA syntax that will get the job done
is more about stealing than creativity…

…I really mean it…

…learning and using VBA have given me freedom and professional prestige beyond all my wildest visualizations but…

…still today, with all my understanding of the VBA language and macro programming techniques, I don’t know how to do all the most basic Excel things in VBA. I know how VBA works like I know English but coming with a truthful expression requires practice and a lot of editing effort, not just knowledge.

Don’t get me wrong. Excel VBA helps us express creativity but when it comes to getting things done, I prefer taking advantage of proven macro code and adapt it to my needs because of three main reasons…

#1 finding the right code for your macros requires long cycles of thinking, writing, rewriting and debugging.

Even if one makes a coding decision, the VBA syntax is prone to errors and one ends up doubting our judgment and that’s not fun.

If our macro module is blank, the source of every new piece of the rightful code is unknown to us. And each potential VBA solution brings fear because one doesn’t know if it will work.

#2 the VBA language is like English, you can say something but using too many words. 

For example, to select the entire sheet, I would write ActiveSheet.Range(“A1:XFD1048576”).Select, not Cells.Select.

Is it the current book, sheet or the current window? Is it Range(“A1:XFD1048576”) or simply Cells?

Researching and testing VBA is tricky and requires a lot of trial and error (and imitation). This is true because VBA is a full-fledged language and has many hidden workarounds for the newcomers and even experts like me.

3 translating the mouse movements into code is not so straightforward

For example, copying and pasting a range doing a literal translation of the mouse movements leads to this cumbersome and slow way…


…or to this other crappy way…


But the simplest and most professional way is this one:

Worksheets(“Source”).Range(“A1:D22″).Copy Destination := Worksheets(“Target”).Range(“A1”)

How one finds an essential piece of VBA code?

Well, after years of writing macros, I figure it all out!

Writing Excel macros to automate repetitive tasks is really cumbersome if you don’t have a library of proven macros at hand

If you know that Excel has hundreds of VBA statements and objects but when it comes to writing operational macros you are faced with questions like how to copy formulas down to the last row?, how to merge books in a folder?, how to create a PivotTable from scratch, how to loop through cells, sheets, chart series, PivotTable fields, PivotTable items?, how to import an Access table/query into the current sheet?, etc…

…or if you have unfinished macro projects because you don’t know how to code some Excel tasks.

And want to become comfortable and at ease with writing VBA code, then this is great news for you!

…I decided to open my library of essential Excel VBA code I have synthesized and curated over the years: How To Do More Than 150 Fundamental Excel Tasks In VBA – A gallery of 150+ fundamental macros to do the most wanted Excel things.

This is the “insider” VBA library John wishes was around when he was starting out with macros earlier in his career. Learning even one or two of these essential VBA techniques would have short-cut his own success by… oh… five… maybe five years. Probably more.


I have just been able to look over your program quickly, but it looks good!! This is the type of VBA foundation building information that I believe many of us need.

Thank you John, this is going to be great!

Dave Fields

I got your 150 Fundamental Excel Tasks In VBA course today, and am reading through some of the macros with delight.



Tom F


I have been able to use the information from “How To Do More Than 150 Fundamental Excel Tasks In VBA”. I, like so many others just jumped into VBA without ever really getting a foundation and the course has provided me with many of the foundation questions I have had and I have a better understanding of VBA because of it.

Dave Fields (yes :) he sent me another email)

Hi John,

Yep, so far, so good thanks.

I haven’t had as much time to run through it as I would like but what I have seen is exactly what I’m looking for. Having bought a few of your courses in the past, I’m not surprised that my VBA learning expectations have been exceeded. The materials are exactly at the level I’m looking for and the way they are presented will make it easy for me to apply the learnings to my job.

I’m looking forward to spending time developing my vba knowledge and skills.

Keep up the good work!

Best regards,


Barry Lawson

Warning: Why you should not get this expert’s VBA library

The 150+ relevant examples of this expert’s VBA library are intended to help you get off the ground with macros in minimum time and to complement your VBA learning. This library is not designed to bypass the study of VBA fundamentals.

If you think you can count solely on using these 150+ essential macros to get the full benefits of macros, then please abandon this page now.

Included in this simplified VBA code library are VBA techniques many Excel users never get it… such as:

Module 1 – How to move data between cells, sheets, and workbooks

  • How to copy data from one range to another sheet
  • How to copy data to a new workbook and save it
  • And much more!

Module 2 – How to write formulas in cells and ranges

  • How to write a COUNT formula
  • How to write a SUMIF formula
  • How to write a SUM formula
  • How to copy formulas down to the last row
  • And much more!

Module 3 – How to merge cells, sheets, books, etc.

  • How to merge two cells that match certain criteria
  • How to merge many sheets
  • How to merge books in a folder
  • And much more!

Module 4 – How to open, save and export workbooks and sheets

  • How to save a book with a different name
  • How to close all open books
  • How to open the books in a folder
  • How to send the active sheet as pdf by email
  • How to save with a custom stamped name

Module 5 – How to do Vlookups

  • How to write a Vlookup formula in Excel
  • How to use the power of Vlookup inside a macro (without writing any formula)
  • How to write an Index & Match
  • And much more!

Module 6 – How to print

  • How to print the books in a folder
  • How to print the selected sheets
  • How to print a range of pages of the active sheet
  • And much more!

Module 7 – How to create and set up PivotTables

  • How to create a PivotTable from scratch
  • How to rename the PivotTable totals
  • And much more!

Module 8 – How to create and set up charts

  • How to create a line chart
  • How to create a pie chart
  • How to set the chart title
  • How to set the chart axes
  • And much more!

Module 9 – How to format cells and ranges

  • How to set the cell font styling
  • How to set the range borders
  • How to merge and unmerge cells
  • How to set the cells number formatting
  • And much more!

Module 10 – How to loop (how to iterate through cells, books, charts, PivotTables, etc)

  • How to loop through the cells of a column
  • How to loop through the cells of a row
  • How to loop through books, charts, etc
  • How to loop through PivotTables
  • How to loop through PivotTable fields and items
  • And much more!

Module 11 – How to work with cells and ranges

  • How to hide columns, rows, etc
  • How to write variable values to cells
  • How to store a cell value in a variable
  • And much more!

Module 12 – How to get information about cells and ranges

  • How to store a range in an object
  • How to find the last used row
  • How to get the size of a range
  • How to enter to the next occupied cell
  • And much more!

Module 13 – How to create and set up UserForms

  • How to create a User form
  • How to add the most common controls (text boxes, command buttons, etc.) to user forms
  • How to send user form data to the last row of the active sheet
  • How to send user form data to the last row of any given sheet
  • And much more…

Module 14 – How to connect Excel with Access

  • How to import an Access table/query into the current sheet
  • How to open Access from Excel
  • And much more…

Module 15 – How to work with directories and files

  • How to get the path of workbooks and files
  • How to create a filesystem object that allows you accessing to any directory using VBA
  • How to create a file on a folder
  • And much more…

What’s different from other Excel macro courses out there?

Most of the Excel macro courses are all about VBA theory. The essential VBA library program will show you more than 150 proven macros that will do the most essential Excel tasks.

Find inside a comprehensive library of curated VBA code you can copy and paste into your macros or adapt them to bigger macro projects.

You can also learn how the VBA theory is put into practice and how good code is written.

What proficiency level should you have to get the most out of the 150EETVBA program?

Basic to intermediate Excel users will get the most out of this program because having the essential piece of VBA code at hand is key to having a good VBA learning and coding experience.

You can use the macros provided to automate the most common tasks and move gradually into more complex projects.

You can ask for a full refund if you find the course is not for you.

But if you are a seasoned expert, you might use this 150EETVBA library as a resource to face any kind of automation project. If you are stuck in the macro mud, you might find here a bit of rightful VBA code to point you in the right direction.

You can also use the macros as a refresher or for covering some voids you might have.

Also, you can ask for a full refund if you find the course is not for you.

What do you get when you enroll in the 150EETVBA program?

You get private access to the Download area where you can explore all the essential VBA macros, download all the VBA workbooks, bonuses and updates for a lifetime, and email support for 6 months.

Here’s how to get this macro foundational material our community needed!

With a $67 product, you can add a 10%, 20%+ increase to your salary because VBA is a highly in-demand skill in today’s data-driven economy and your increased self-worth will be reflected in the promotions and bonuses you are going to get or in the new and better jobs you can prospect and get.

What does a 10% increase mean to you, dear friend? Hundreds even thousands more in your pocket each month?

And if you are VBA freelancer or looking to become one, these done-for-you macros will help you complete projects faster and take new projects with confidence. Just one macro gig can put hundreds of dollars in your pocket.

This course won’t cost you $300.

This course won’t cost you even $100.

If you enroll today, you get access to this essential macros library for only…

USD 67.00

Click Here To Grab The Most Essential Macros You Will Ever Need

[Delivered instantly via a members-only website in pdf and xlsx format]

And you also get…

Bonus # 1- Excel Object Model Blueprint

Excel object model map

You and I know that without having the big picture of the Excel object hierarchy, finding the exact syntax for our macros or understanding the syntax is cumbersome. And we also know that Microsoft has wiped out this information from its help system. You don’t get a map view of the objects anymore but only an encyclopedia of links where one never sees the big picture.

I knew this material was crucial to macro success and compiled it before it disappeared!

I have synthesized everything in a convenient pdf you can easily explore, zoom in, and zoom out.

If you want to immediately have clarity about the whole Excel object model, then this rare pdf is for you!

In this practical and hard-to-find VBA syntax blueprint, you will learn:

  • What are the main Excel objects and how to access them in a macro
  • What are the available collections you can use in your loops
  • Why some macros look the way they do
  • How to access any aspect of Excel using VBA code
  • and much more

You get this secret VBA syntax building blueprint for free if you order the program ‘How To Do More Than 150 Fundamental Excel Tasks In VBA’.

Bonus # 2 – Dynamic Macro Recording Formula

This practical video lesson reveals the 5 VBA dynamic techniques to easily make your recorded macros work for variable array size and conditions.

If you want to reuse your recorded macros, then this macro recording formula is for you.

Includes a VBA workbook practice file!

Bonus # 3 – Recorded Macro Performance’s Optimization Formula

You know the macro recorder fills your macro with garbage (unnecessary selections, scrolling, sheet shifting, etc.) and they become painfully difficult to edit and adapt to your situation.

And recorded macros are slow and silly.

Learn how to take your recorded macros to an optimal level. This practical video lesson reveals a 3-step VBA optimization formula to clean all the unnecessary VBA code and improve your recorded macros’ performance, readability, and usability.

If you want to synthesize your recorded macros and make them perform at their best, then this macro recording formula is for you.

Click Here To Grab The Most Essential Macros You Will Ever Need

[Delivered instantly via a members-only website in pdf and xlsx format]

With a small investment, Excel Macros will pay you back again and again.

If you don’t learn macros, you will keep redoubling your time and effort for completing assignments.

You risk nothing

If within 60 days of purchase, you follow and implement the essential VBA pieces of code and cannot write your own macros for automating your work, or if you simply didn’t like the material, just ask a refund and you will get your money back, no questions asked.

I have been selling information products online since 2011 to thousands of professionals from around the world.

Just contact us (use the subject “refund”). I will take care of it.

Enroll now and start learning how to do the most basic Excel things in VBA.




Can I google these macros?

Searching and finding are two different things. You can google all your needs but can you actually find what you are looking for?

Sometimes, one cannot find the exact search words to find the exact piece of code. At other times, the solutions are provided by developers, with advanced techniques that you don’t understand yet and with more information than you need at your current stage of understanding.

And the solutions are scattered all over the place, in different blogs, forums, etc., with different styles and hidden agendas. But what you need is everything in one single location, curated and readily available.

And the truth is that there are many resources on the net but is there one that is the best to find basic VBA code to get you off the ground?

Click Here To Grab The Most Essential Macros You Will Ever Need

Who is this library for?

This library of essential pieces of VBA code is for you if you are getting started with macros and want to have a reference source of VBA code to perform the most basic functions.

You will love this library if you want plenty of relevant VBA examples.

This library is also for you if you don’t know what property or method to use for certain tasks and want to see how the most common objects are used for doing the most essential Excel tasks.

Even if you are an expert, you might find some surprises to increase your VBA arsenal of techniques. If you find increasing challenging scenarios and you are constantly improving, you know that there’s never enough of VBA techniques to dispose of.

Click Here To Grab The Most Essential Macros You Will Ever Need

I don’t understand VBA yet, can I use the pieces of code to create macros?

You will get the most of this material if you already understand the fundamentals of VBA. But even if you have never written any macro, you can quickly use the pieces of VBA code to get some practical results that will get you off the ground, such as closing all the open books or opening all the books in a folder, creating a line chart for your weekly report, etc.

Also, this essential VBA library is the perfect companion if you are already started learning macros or if you plan to do it in the future.

Click Here To Grab The Most Essential Macros You Will Ever Need

Do we have access to the program for a lifetime?

Yes, you can download everything to your computer and keep it yours forever. You have lifetime access to the members’ area to download the updates.

What Excel version do I need?

Excel 2007+

The Excel workbooks are saved as macro-enabled books (.xlsm)

If I am not getting correct results, can I send my practice to someone for comments/review? Is help only available through email or is it possible to chat or talk to someone?

You have 6 months of email support. You can open a support ticket at any time during this period. You will get an answer by email in the next 24 hours.

Click Here To Grab The Most Essential Macros You Will Ever Need

Can I purchase the program for myself and my team?

Yes, you can purchase for multiple users and take advantage of my group discount. Please email me with the number of students and I can provide a discounted price: john@wizdoh.com