Learn how to use Excel intuitively:


Data Control

Learn how to import unstructured data into the desired layout, how to export data to the desired layout, how to clean data, and much more!


Insights Generation

Learn how to write advanced formulas, array formulas, how to make formulas dynamic, and much more!


Sharing Insights

Learn how to create interactive dashboards, how to extract information for your reports using VLOOKUP, INDEX & MATCH, learn how to use charts, and much more.


Task Control

Learn how to collect, analyze and present data faster, smarter, and more accurate with Excel VBA macros, shortcuts, and dynamic techniques.




Dave U.

I’ve purchased some of your publications in the past (“Master-of-Macros-book”, “Pivot-Tables-VBA-Secrets”,”How-to-write-perfect-vlookup-im-formulas”, etc), and I am quite impressed with how you go about making difficult concepts very clear.

Anonymous subscriber

John brings to light useful functions/methods/approaches otherwise unknown to a significant portion of Excel users.

Emad Talafeha

Dear John…

Really you are fascinating and have an explanation method that is highly attractive. Your approach impressed me because it hits the point directly…

Emad Talafeha

Sometimes, thankful and gratitude words might not express the right thanks that should be extended to you. I have just finished reading your great book “How to Create Dynamic and Interactive Excel Dashboards.”

Your efforts and great help that you are presenting to Excel learners are unbelievable. I wish if I would be able to meet you face to face to thank you.


Mary Grimes

Very good beginning to understanding the logical flow of programming. This lesson has helped me greatly in understanding what I call the GrandParent.Parent.Child objects. How to take action on each one of them and in what order.

Geir S

I have been “following” you for several years, and you produce lots of really good stuff for us Excel addicts

Shreepad G.

I do keep reading and enjoying your emails about Excel. They have proved helpful at work, I must admit.

Good luck and thanks again.


As a teacher I love your simple creative ways of explaining complex subjects, it was through your teaching I learned so much more and in turn shared with my students.

To this day I use your rules about designing a good table. I always enjoyed your teaching style and I am thrilled to know you have returned to Excel.


I like the way that you encourage us to make our work adaptive to change. In fact you have been a major influence in how I design my spreadsheets.

I used to force my users to work the way I wanted them to work, by making it difficult to work any other way. Now, I use more adaptive functions, macros and many more error traps when I make new spreadsheets and also when I modify the old ones.

Thanks a lot, John.


I love you John Franco. You make me a master at Excel!

John Maybee, Canada

Don’t stop sending me your emails though!


Hi John… you have very good content here. I am subscribing to your blog for my daily reading list.



I love your use of analogies to illustrate how Excel and VBA works.

Rob R

Hi John, I just bought your dashboards book. It looks very good and a new innovative way to view things!!
I love the way you are breaking things down and getting my brain working and improving my thought process.

Danielle Stein

Thanks – lots of useful articles on Excel.

Author of Using Excel for Business Analysis




John can teach you some really awesome tricks and help you become better at writing lookup formulas.


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